“A Little Slice of Kevin”


Season 8 Episode 7

“A Little Slice of Kevin”

Yes, yes, I know… I bailed on posting my thoughts on last week’s episode, “Southern Comfort” and left you in the cold. Sorry, kids, but I was, as they say, on something of a sabbatical. I did watch the episode and didn’t hate it. Not the biggest Garth fan, but he actually came off okay this time out. Still, nothing earth-shattering went down. The writers are still stuck on the brotherly angst. Something that was sort of resolved a few seasons ago, but what the hell. Supernatural’s all about beating a dead horse sometimes.

“A Little Slice of Kevin” was just this side of heaven and a welcome relief. It’s good to have Castiel back and, despite Mrs. Tran being a complete idiot, this was a rocking good episode. Crowley’s always a treat and he was in rare form. But really, this was all about Castiel and the great mystery around what went down between him and Dean in Purgatory and how he got the hell out of there himself, what with Dean wandering about puppy dog eyed over leaving his celestial buddy behind.

“I missed television.” — Castiel

This was good stuff. An even deeper mystery, with Heaven’s Hosts taking keen interest in Castiel being back on Earth and keeping a clandestine eye on the Winchesters. Oh my, something’s definitely afoot, and when there are angels involved, well, they’re just as bad as the demons, now aren’t they. Everyone’s plotting and scheming, back-stabbing and dirty dealing. Love it.

I could go on and on about this one, but I’m a bit under the gun. Have several projects brewing, so I’ll check out and catch up with you Supernatural lovers on November 29th. Looking ahead to the next episode, airing November 28th,  Castiel’s of a mind to become a Hunter. A humorous episode to lighten things up after this week’s heaviness. I can live with it.


2 Responses to ““A Little Slice of Kevin””

  1. There’s nothing they can possibly do that will ever top Castiel’s deadpan “It was funnier in Enochian.” I should have stopped watching right there.

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