My Review of Enochian Magick by Aleister Crowley

If you’ve spent any time at all around the occult sciences then you are most likely at least passingly familiar with the bullet points of Enochian Magic. It is, after all, regarded by many to be the pinnacle of the Western Mystery Tradition, the culmination of more than seven years of painstaking work by the renowned scholar Dr. John Dee and his cohort and magical ally, the rogue Edward Kelley. Beyond the initial dictations as chronicled by Dee and Kelley, such noted magicians as MacGregor Mathers, Dr. William Wynn Westcott, and Thomas Rudd added to that which came to be known as Enochian, but it was one devoted student who perhaps more than any other solidified Dee and Kelley’s legacy, revealing it to be a viable and working system of ceremonial magic. That man was Aleister Crowley.

Weiser Books have turned to the venerable Lon Milo DuQuette in an effort to release four volumes of quintessential writings by Aleister Crowley on the subject of Enochian Magick, culled from The Equinox, Crowley’s magnificent magical journal that was originally published between 1909-1919. Having had the chance to read (and reread) the first volume of The Best of the Equinox: Enochian Magick , I can assure you, this is as important a work on ceremonial magic as you are apt to find.

DuQuette’s two introductions, as the noted author has included the 1992 intro written for the Magickal Childe edition of Liber LXXXIV, are worth the price of admission alone. Baba Lon is an insightful and visionary wordsmith and, in addition to this edited volume, I highly recommend his sublime treatise on the subject, Enochian Vision Magick.

As to this volume, which reproduces Crowley’s vel Chanokh and The Vision and the Voice, you will find an inspiring and practical examination of Dee and Kelley’s masterwork. The Beast is in his element, to be sure. Beautiful and sublime, Crowley’s writing while exploring this system is unparalleled and haunting.

The cover art and formatting are more than pleasing and you will find the print large and comfortable on the eyes, which is, in itself, Heaven sent. I still, after having read the work numerous times over the past thirty years or so, find it hard to put down. It’s so easy to get caught up in the language and fervor of this chimerical work.

That being said, tread carefully. It’s easy to lose oneself, not only in the writing, but in the work itself.

The Best of the Equinox — Enochian Magick: Volume One by Aleister Crowley and introduced by Lon Milo DuQuette is essential reading. Available wherever books are sold or downloaded, if you only buy one metaphysical book this year, make it Enochian Magick.

4 Responses to “My Review of Enochian Magick by Aleister Crowley”

  1. I referenced this review in mine, before I read it. I figured I could count on you, and I make it a habit not to read anyone else’s reviews before I write mine.

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