My Top 25 Writers of All Time

Brian Keene had the nerve to post his Top 25 Writers of All Time. Thought I might do the same, as the question does get put to me on occasion.

1. Robert E. Howard
2. Aleister Crowley
3. Robert Anton Wilson
4. Katherine Kurtz
5. Neil Gaiman

6. HP Lovecraft
7. Richard Matheson
8. Alan Moore
9. Hunter S. Thompson
10. Umberto Eco

11. Edgar Allan Poe
12. Manly Wade Wellman
13. Dennis Wheatley
14. Algernon Blackwood
15. Dion Fortune
16. John Byrne
17. Edgar Rice Burroughs
18. Peter Straub
19. Clive Barker
20. Michael Crichton
21. Stephen King
22. Marv Wolfman
23. JK Rowling
24. Stephen Mark Rainey
25. Anne Rice


3 Responses to “My Top 25 Writers of All Time”

  1. Great list! Glad to see Matheson & Barker on it!! \m/

    • cairnwood Says:

      Thanks, Jassen. Have you a favorite Barker? Push comes to shove, I lean toward the Great and Secret Show.

  2. Naturgeister…

    My Top 25 Writers of All Time «…

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