My Review of Casting Sacred Space by Ivo Dominguez Jr

Ivo Dominguez Jr has taken a close and personal look at the most important element of successful magical operations and through careful dissection and a thorough, comprehensive examination of various rites and practices delivered the most quintessential treatise on the subject that I have been blessed with the honour to read.

Believe me, that is not hyperbole.

What Mr. Dominguez has achieved is monumental in so many ways.

The casting of one’s sacred space is paramount to the work of magicians, witches, and yes, paranormal investigators. By exploring the inner and outer workings of this magical arena and of the subtle (and not so subtle) energies involved, Dominguez has painted a compelling picture for novices and adepts alike.

This is an important work, one that should be a part of every practitioner’s library regardless of creed, philosophy, or stripe.

It’s all here, with an in-depth analysis and painstaking audit of the various applications for creating a hallowed and consecrated sphere from which to work. From grounding and centering to proper maintenance, Casting Sacred Space leaves no stone unturned and it delivers an array of bold and exciting techniques for establishing the foundation from which to channel one’s energies to successful magical workings.

This book really struck home with me and is, as far as I’m concerned, essential reading for anyone embarking on the esoteric path.

Casting Sacred Space: The Core of All Magical Work by Ivo Dominguez Jr is available wherever books are sold, but as I so often do on this blog, I encourage you to purchase directly from the publisher because by doing so you ensure their continued health and success.


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