That’s great it starts with an earthquake…

2011 is coming to an end. It was a good year, over all, with highs and lows one comes to expect from a life lived. Spectators have few peeks and valleys, but then they never get to experience great heights. It’s a fair trade.

I have high hopes and big plans for 2012. At the top of the list is the playing of a little game. See, I’m going treat the coming year as if the Mayans are right. Come December 21st 2012 it’ll all end. Poof. The Old Ones will return and do what they will with us. Do I believe it? No, but I’m going to live each day like a man living on borrowed time.

I will love like there are few tomorrows and write the last words I’d like read. I will fight and claw for what I believe in and I will rejoice in every victory and lament every loss.

Of course, if you’ve been following the news, there was an earthquake today in nearby Ohio today. Damn, were REM right?

No matter.

No worries.

Fare thee well, 2011. Here’s to 2012!

Let the ball drop.

2 Responses to “That’s great it starts with an earthquake…”

  1. I would say that’s a mighty fine way to embrace 2012. Cheers.

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