My review of A Magical Tour of the Night Sky

The key word in the title is “Magical”. Renna Shesso’s A Magical Tour of the Night Sky is all that and more. This is a very special book, captivating with each turn of the page. The author brilliantly weaves a personal narrative throughout, while sharing her insights and knowledge as she takes us on a fantastical exploration of the sky above us, utilizing cross-cultural myths and folklore to reveal an intimate glimpse into the cosmology that we are a part of.

Shesso is a natural storyteller and this makes this volume positively sing with brilliance. The progression of information shared is logical and structured so elegantly that the reader feels like they’re being led on a leisurely stroll through the heavens. Shesso paints a wonderful picture, capturing the magic and wonder felt by the ancients and synthesizing both science and legend to create a tapestry that embodies the best of both worlds.

This book is as important a work as I’ve ever read on the subject of astrology and cosmology. I’ve certainly never been moved by a book on this subject in quite this way. Shesso reintroduces the night sky to the child inside you and that’s a very special gift. I find myself longing for another visit to the desert, far from the light pollution of the modern world, so I can sit and stare in wide wonder at the magical storybook that’s on display above us.

It’s a simple treasure, the night sky. Far too often we forget to look up and allow it to dazzle us with its celestial beauty.

But don’t just take my word for it. Freeman Presson agrees, though perhaps to a lesser degree. He is a bit more scientifically minded than myself.

In my quite humble opinion, A Magical Tour of the Night Sky is a book that should grace the shelves of each and every person who is spiritually inclined. I recommend a visit to Red Wheel/Weiser, where a copy sits waiting for you to make it your own. Don’t disappoint it and, in turn, it will not disappoint you. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “My review of A Magical Tour of the Night Sky”

  1. Very nice! I believe you’re right, and I did like it better than my typically reserved review might indicate. I should probably link to yours with a reciprocal comment like “if you take the arithmetic mean of my enthusiasm and Bob’s, you’ll hit the sweet spot.”

    I really do need to get myself and especially my family out under the stars soon. I have a five-year-old who hasn’t seen the Milky Way firsthand!

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