WIP it out

Shipped off “Dreams of Winter” this morning, so here’s an accounting of the short stories for various antholgies I’m working on:  “The Mowing-Devil”, featuring Landon Connors’ buddy Brooks Autry; a modern Norse fairy tale titled “Nine Days”; “Howard’s End”, a weird western that really needs a good home (on the range?); “The Pugilist & the Hare” which is a sort of paranormal boxing story; a tale about psychedelics and lost love I’m tentatively calling “Like a Moth to the Flame” — boring title, really need to come up with something more suitable before it’s submitted; a Lovecraftian Romance called “I of the Beholder”; plus a little something for Weird Tales and Lore.

I’m also continuing work on Oddfellows Serenade. The whole thing is plotted and I’m currently scripting and lettering issue #2 (of 3).

As you can see, I’m a busy little occult detective. It’s not all fun and games out here in the Haunted Hoosier Heartland.

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