My Review of Cosmic Forces by Greg Lamberson

Private investigator Jake Helman has battled a demon, his minions, the walking dead, and beings from the dimensions of the Sphere of Light and the Dark Realm, but now he faces the greatest evil the world has ever known in the third installment of this loosely knit trilogy.

Jake is hired by the wife of New York City mayor Myron Madigan to prove his infidelity.

Meanwhile, the ex-girlfriend of his old partner Edgar needs Jake’s help when her son joins a cult that worships space aliens.

And Jake’s late wife, Sheryl, now an “agent of Light,” asks him to locate a monster called the Destroyer of Souls—who may be responsible for the disappearance of the Biblical entity known as Abel.

The investigation of Madigan leads to Karlin Reichard, a wealthy industrialist and political kingmaker—head of a cabal that has secretly manipulated world affairs for generations. In order to bring these men down, Jake must join them.

With earthly and otherworldly forces marshaled against him, Jake battles human assassins and supernatural creatures in his quest to uncover the mystery behind the Order of Avademe and a monster willing to destroy heaven and hell to rule the earth.

Jake Helman returns in what is one of the most epically mind-blowing occult detective stories to rear its ugly and twisted head in, well… ever. Why in the name of all that’s unholy has Hollyweird not got their sights on this series? I’m just going to put it out there — Greg Lamberson is the most cinematic author writing today and The Jake Helman Files are nothing short of the most awesome movies that have not been filmed yet.

Following the equally spectacular Personal Demons and Desperate Souls, Cosmic Forces is a roller-coaster ride of thrills and chills with the hard-boiled, one-liner spewing anti-hero Jake Helman once again caught up in an apocalyptic showdown with cthonic beasties. Not for the faint of heart, Lamberson pulls out all the stops as he dives even deeper into building a very real and vibrant world for Helman to suffer in. While it’s not required that one read the previous novels, Cosmic Forces does revisit threads begun in the series’ previous entries making for a much richer experience.

The Jake Helman Files: Cosmic Forces is must-read horror at its finest. I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can nab a copy of the trade paperback, beautifully put together by the always aces Medallion Press, wherever books are sold, though if your area’s like mine and there’s not a brick and mortar in spitting distance, Amazon’s got it for you right here.


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