Boycott Dorchester Publishing

Allow me to introduce to you Dorchester Publishing. See, Dorchester, once a highly respectable publisher of mass market paperbacks, began  spiraling out of control a couple of years back. The short of it is they completely mismanaged their company, failed to see the writing on the wall, and, rather than do the honorable thing, they reportedly began screwing over the very people who were lining their pockets with money — the authors.

I have it on good athority that Dorchester is not paying the royalties due to their writers and they are publishing material that they no longer have the rights to. Dorchester is, in point of fact, either a den of thieves or a house of incompetents. Either way, they should be held accountable for disrespecting the authors who have worked their asses off to write the fiction we know and love. These authors deserve to be paid. They deserve to have their contracts honored.

One such author, Brian Keene, has issued a Call to Arms, asking you to side with him in a boycott of Dorchester.

Join me and a growing number of authors and readers as we make it quite clear that this type of conduct will not be stood for.

Send this publisher the proper message. Boycott Dorchester.

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