365 Days of Creativity

Susan Scofield (AKA Qweequeg) has lit the proverbial fire under a whole lot of asses by initiating the 365 Days of Creativity Project. The idea is simple — you are challenged to create something each and every day for a whole year. Now, as most of you know, I’m a busy guy. Between writing, producing cover art, reviewing books, hunting ghosts and beasties, and being mired in life in general, you’d think I’d have my fill of creative pursuits, but taking part in this project affords me the opportunity to stretch a different set of creative muscles and support others in their own creative process. This is going to be a lot of fun and I encourage all of you to take part.

My 365 Day Project will be a book of art and poetry titled Lost Watch: Scarlet Letters, a companion piece to the Liber Monstrorum. I’ll contribute something to it every day for a full year, then offer it as an ebook and trade paperback to anyone interested. Periodically I’ll post excerpts here on this blog. In fact, I’ll leave you with this —


Olde Crow

She glides through the night on autumn wings.
Unfettered, she sings of the serpent’s kiss.
Undeterred, she aches for Ceyfulu’s nest,
but her Will leads her to Scottish shores
and to Boleskine’s omnipresence.

The Stele is twelve and eight.
Nine if you must divine
the talisman’s archaic number.
But when the Eye is at the zenith
of the Hawk’s silent cry
then, perhaps, three sixes will comply.

Ninety-three passes
to mark the passing of the Wren
and the Old Crow of a fashion
lets the wheel once more to spin —
For the betrothal of seven angels
to seven devils in five veils
and the assassin is amassin’
twenty-three virgin tales.

In the quiet of the station
she failed to catch her breath
and RAW undefined
is still more than a test
Of the cries let loose by
upon Blythe Road,
And with dull, dull gray, come morning
who waits there by the door?
It’s the imp in pimped out colours
of the bifrost paramour.

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