The House Above Seven Pillars, Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen


“So, you want to talk?”

Sarah Jones looked up from the teen magazine she was absentmindedly flipping through and considered her mother’s proposition. Talk? Sure, there was plenty she wanted to talk about but she didn’t have the foggiest idea where to start. Not that it would have mattered. She knew that her mother didn’t really want to talk. She was in the mood to lecture, and that was something that Sarah was certainly in no mood for.

“Not particularly.”

“Well, I just got off the phone with your aunt…”

Uh oh, here it comes, Sarah thought to herself. “And…?” She sat up on the side of her bed, head cocked in preparation for what was sure to follow.

“What were you kids thinking? I told you to stay away from there, Sarah. My sister and I may share the same blood, but she’s different from us, and to go up there and stir up a hornet’s nest isn’t doing anyone any good, especially Cassidy. She’s going through a terrible ordeal, the poor girl.”

“That’s just it, mom, Cassidy is going through something terrible and no one’s doing anything to help her.”

“We’re not going to go through this again. Louise has hired the best doctors that money can buy to look after her daughter’s well being, and though I may not have the resources that she has, I have to look after my daughter too.”

“I’m fine,” Sarah mumbled.

“You most certainly are not and your attitude, young lady, needs an adjustment.”

“My attitude?”

“That’s right. As of now, you’re grounded.”

“Mom, please. You don’t understand, Cassidy’s…”

“Enough, Sarah,” he mother barked. “You’re grounded for two weeks. No extracurricular activities. No cell phone. No internet. And you’ll have absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing, to do with those Parker brothers. Understand?”

“This is ridiculous. You’re not even listening to me.”

“I’m sorry, Sarah, but it’s time I put my foot down and got this house back in order. It’s time we stopped living in the past and letting it dictate our direction. Tomorrow begins a new day, and I aim to see to it that we put this all behind us and start fresh.”

“Mom, don’t do this,” Sarah pleaded. “Cassidy needs me. She needs us.”

“No. What Cassidy needs is to be left alone so that she can get better. Now, it’s late and a school night. Get to bed and we’ll talk about this tomorrow evening once cooler heads have prevailed.”

Mildred Jones closed her daughter’s bedroom door and left the girl to fume. Sarah slid off the bed, went to her desk, and turned on her laptop. After entering her Windows password, she brought up the web browser only to be met by a screen that said the webpage she was looking for was unavailable offline. Her mom had already turned off their router.

“Argh!” she grimaced, pushing the laptop away from her and onto the floor in frustration. She glanced at her cell phone sitting on the charger by the bed. It was probably turned off as well. Not that it mattered. She had no one to call.

Sarah Jones felt lost and alone. All she was left with were tears, shed as much from anger as from the sense of a quiet desperation that was growing inside her. She threw herself onto the bed, staring mutely at the popcorn ceiling overhead, praying for sleep to come and take her away.


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