Bobtoberfest Begins

What better way to begin Bobtoberfest than with my being interviewed by the illustrious Greg Mitchell over at The Coming Evil? Greg’s a great guy, a talented writer, and a kindred spirit — and he had the honor of being ceremoniously dispatched in The Cabin in the Woods, available here or within the pages of my novel Descendant. Greg and I shared a common publication in Coach’s Midnight Diner 2: The Back from the Dead Edition — he with Flowers for Shelly, me with Queen’s Gambit — and came away with a respect for each others writing. It was a real honour and privilege to sit down and discuss the genre with a writer I admire. I think you’ll find the interview insightful, primarily due to Greg’s thoughtful questions.

The Coming Evil’s Interview with Bob Freeman

As to what’s in store as Bobtoberfest continues? In the days ahead you can expect a plethora of Weiser book reviews, some spine-tingling artwork culled directly from my drawing board, and a whole host of true stories of the paranormal to rear their ugly heads — and beginning 10-10-10 — the first installment of a serialized tale written exclusively for the readers of The Occult Detective. As always when I embark on such an endeavor, this serial will be written free-style, with me typing directly onto the blog without any notes or outlines. We’ll discover where the story leads together.

So raise your flagon and toast to the first day of Bobtoberfest. ‘Tis the Witching Season and All Hallow’s Eve beckons.

Let the nightmare begin.

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