Review: The Broadcast by Hobbs & Tuazon

A rural Indiana town loses power halfway through Orson Welles’ WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast having never learned the infamous radio play is a hoax. Now, fearing the worst is upon them, four diverse families band together in an effort to make it through the night. But tensions build as differences surface, and it isn’t long before everyone involved begins to realize they have as much to fear from each other as they do the “alien invasion” heading their way.

Welcome to The Broadcast, a graphic novel by author Eric Hobbs and illustrator Noel Tuazon.

At 175 pages, The Broadcast is an ambitious story and one that I was a part of in its earliest stages. See, I’ve known Eric for a while, dating back to my own forays into the independent comic scene and I was a big fan of his work on Awakenings. We met a few times to discuss this bold idea of his, a mystery wrapped inside Welle’s infamous radio drama. Originally conceived to be photographed with actors and elaborate set designs, The Broadcast was going to be something unique and special. Unfortunately pressing deadlines forced me to bow out of the project after doing some very preliminary artwork and, seeing the finished product now, I’m thrilled that I did because I believe that The Broadcast  has been brought to life in ways that the original idea simply couldn’t have addressed.

Noel Tuazon’s artwork is phenomenal and perfectly captures  the wonderful story that Eric Hobbs has crafted. And believe me, wonderful is an understatement. Tuazon and Hobbs do a terrific job of invoking the right atmosphere and tone, setting the pace so as to let the interweaving arcs find themselves in a heartfelt and edge of your seat climax.

This is what you hope for when you dip into the indie market. Smart. Riveting. Complex. Compelling. First and foremost, The Broadcast is a fantastic literary work, built from a solid, poignant, and dramatic story that would work in any medium. The marvelous illustrations elevate the writing and fill the tale with an emotional resonance seldom found in comics.

This should be an instant classic and I’d be surprised if Hollywood didn’t take notice.

The Broadcast is available for pre-order at For more information, visit Eric Hobbs’ website.


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