I miss LOST

You remember LOST, right? A group of plane crash survivors caught up in an epic mystery with paranormal and science fiction elements that ultimately culminated in a fantastic, religious commentary on life, death, and beyond? Yeah, that show. I loved it… and I miss it.

I’ve tried to sift through the current crop of genre-based shows but they freaking killed Happy Town and I’ve grown tired of Warehouse 13,  Haven’s not clicking for me, and Persons Unknown is spiraling downward as well.

If not for True Blood I don’t know what I’d do.

But True Blood isn’t  LOST… not by a long shot.

I find myself these days anticipating shows like the Next Food Network Star, Top Shot,  and American Pickers.

So what is there to look forward to? Well, Supernatural for starters. The sixth season starts back up on September 24th and I’m anxious to see where Sera Gamble will be leading the Winchester Brothers following last season’s epic climax. How the hell are they gonna resolve the whole Sam down under thing? I’m eager as Hell to find out.

I’ll also be watching some of the old standbys — like House, Fringe, and the Vampire Diaries — plus there are few new shows in the pipeline that have my interest piqued somewhat — The Event, The Cape, and Ordinary Family for instance — but I’ve also discovered some recent gems that I didn’t think I’d be interested in. Who would have thought that I’d get sucked into Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Rules of Engagement? I’m not really into sitcoms (except for the spectacular Community), but damn it if they haven’t been filling a void and adding some much needed laughter in my black heart.

Look, my life does not revolve around television, but I do like to spend a few hours at night on the couch with my wife and become engrossed in some more than mindless entertainment (though the mindless kind is growing on me).

Other than Supernatural though, there’s not much out there to satiate my LOST fixation. Here’s to hoping that something comes along this Fall to scratch that itch.

Oh well, there’s always football and my Indianapolis Colts. Two weeks till the pre-season kicks off. That’s always good for getting my blood boiling.

3 Responses to “I miss LOST”

  1. Walking Dead will be the next thing for me.

    • cairnwood Says:

      I’m intrigued by The Walking Dead but here in the boondocks we don’t get AMC. I’ve never seen a single episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad and I only saw the premiere episode of Rubicon because of hulu.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to find Walking Dead online. If not, I may have to wait for the DVD releases…

  2. LOST is my favorite TV series, I think the secret that Hurley is keeping is that there are still people alive on the island.

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