The New York Times is not LOST’s biggest fan

by Mike Hale

As the end of “Lost” approaches — an extravaganza that will stretch from Sunday night into Monday morning on ABC — the natural urge is to join in the final frenzy of speculation. Who will live, who will die, and what did it all mean?

In recent months “Lost” has felt less like a television series than like a gigantic international parlor game, in which the goal is to find answers to questions that often have no real connection to what’s happening on screen. You need to take a step back, or 5 or 10, and look past this extraneous (if diverting) exercise to assess the actual show and its legacy.

Since “Lost” itself favors oracular pronouncements, here’s one more: The show had one good season, its first. It was very, very good — as good as anything on television at the time — but none of the seasons since have approached that level, and the current sixth season, rushed, muddled and dull, has been the weakest.

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