LOST in Translation: On Top of Ol’ Smokey

What If…?

Something occurred to me. What if He Who Has No Name is not the Smoke Monster? Could it be that Jacob’s act of brothercide… he casting nameless bro into the Tunnel of Light… merely released the Smoke Monster β€” the dark force opposed to the divine light which all men possess a sliver of? Is every appearance of MIB after this incident merely the Smoke Monster wearing MIB’s form?

Were MIB and Jacob candidates β€” potential replacements to their Faux Mother’s role of Island Protector?

Was MIB the special one and Jacob merely the spare?

That revelation could do wonders to the bad feeling I got from this episode. That would make the ghost of Claudia Smokey in disguise. Smokey could have been whispering sweet nothings in MIB’s ear, initiating the creation of the frozen donkey wheel.

To what end? The extinguishing of the light, casting all the world in Smokey’s dark shadow.

Suddenly “Across the Sea” seems a little more epic in scope, especially if this is addressed and plays out as such.

It would fit with the mirror of Jacob’s and Island Mother’s welcomed demise and dances with the way in which Smokey seems to be able to download memories from the dead…

Food for thought as we march toward the final chapters of LOST.


3 Responses to “LOST in Translation: On Top of Ol’ Smokey”

  1. David Agranoff Says:

    I think this episode will play better on DVD and face it most of it’s life as a story will exist there.

  2. I think your time-line might be off with this theory. If MIB’s body is what unleashes the smoke monster, than it means the smoke was still contained while MIB was creating the Donkey wheel, and while MIB’s real mother’s ghost was visiting him.
    If the ghost-mom was around because the island itself wanted her to be, than does that mean that Jacob’s and his crazy mom’s purpose goes against the island’s wishes?
    When Locke mentions that he has looked into the eye of the island was this what he saw? The spring with the light flowing out from it? It does resemble an eye.

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