LOST in Translation: Time Passages

Another Sneak Peek from “Across the Sea”

Interesting in that the director has carefully concealed the identity of the hunters. It begs the question… Why? Could these burly men, decked out in leather and tusk jewelry, be people we know? The LOST fan community is abuzz, resurrecting the ghost of Canton-Rainier and proclaiming that at least two of the boar hunters are previous incarnations of Jack and James. Hm, perhaps… one certainly never knows with LOST. Have our castaways been caught up in a cycle of death and rebirth, destined to return again and again to this island?

I hear tell that next week there will be a scene revisited that will lead us to realize that the creators knew all along where their story was headed. Maybe. Though it’s also possible that it’s a simple matter of reverse engineering. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the scene in question to judge for ourselves.


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