LOST in Translation: Don’t Fear the Reaper, Part II

What’s up, Chuck?

All right… The Man in Black, aka Smokey, aka FLocke, has made his move… attempting to kill all the candidates in one fell swoop by shepherding them onto Widmore’s sub and having it go BOOM! What to think of Charles’ role in all of this?

I’m led back to a previous scene between Bram and Miles. You remember, our sharp-tongued ghost whisperer was walking along the street in LA when he got shanghaied into a perv van by the now deceased Bram prior to Señor Straume’s journey into darkness on board the Kahana freighter.

Bram, we would come to learn, was working with Ilana as part of a “crack team” of Jacob Protectors (how’d that work out, Jacob ol’ boy?). Anyway, Bram told Miles that he wasn’t ready to go to the Island, that by joining Widmore’s crew he was on “the wrong side”.

So if Bram was on Team Jacob and Miles was on the wrong side, being Team Widmore, does this also mean that Team Widmore is equivalent to Team Smokey?

And then there was this exchange between John Locke and our man Chuck:

LOCKE: Why would you help me?

WIDMORE: Because there’s a war coming, John. And if you’re not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.

Well we all know what happened when Locke returned to the Island… his image was claimed by the Man in Black, setting up the events we’re now faced with.

But never mind that, let’s look to last night’s taking of the sub. I mean, really, could any of that have gone down without Widmore’s collusion? No, I don’t think so. Chuck’s goons laid in wait until the castaways were primed to descend into the sub. They shot Kate, wounding her, and propelling Jack into action. Jack would never have gotten on that submarine if not for her injury… Not to mention the whole bomb on the plane thing to begin with. The sonic fence was removed so that Smokey could waltz in there. Smokey obviously knew about the explosives on the plane because he took the guy’s watch before going aboard.

It makes all the sense in the world to me that Charles Widmore has been in on the Man in Black’s long con from the start.

Now we’ll just have to sit back and see how things shake out.



One Response to “LOST in Translation: Don’t Fear the Reaper, Part II”

  1. I can see that happening with Widmore, the only thing that makes me doubt is that he wanted Desmond here and Smokey seemed puzzled by him.

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