Mo*Con V: Saturday in the Dark

Horror Writers Talking Spirituality,
Sexuality, and Self-Promotion

My Mo*Con journey began in the wee hours of the morning as the evening dissolved into the promise of something altogether magical. One who does not put their imagination to the test of the waiting page, nor to the scornful eyes of public consumption, can not fathom the truly wondrous healing that such a gathering as Mo*con can work on a writer’s soul. To enter into a community of brothers and sisters who know all too well what it means to submerge oneself in the darkest recesses of your inner world, dragging the fire out of the pit to let it burn unfettered on the whim of inspiration… well, let’s just say that these rare and peculiar congregations rekindle the passion that is otherwise fueled by spirits and the effluvium of death’s grim.

But there was business to be done amid the camaraderie and heartfelt embraces between reunited friends and new friendships blossoming. There was an interesting discourse on self-promotion via online tools, such as blogs and social networking, with the weight of the discussion focusing on an author’s disclosure… what to leave in and what to leave out, as they say.

I spoke on a panel concerning spirituality in fiction, joining Wrath James White, Bob Ford, Joe Branson, and others in discussion of how our personal beliefs mingled with those of whom we write and read. I conjured the ghost of Joseph Campbell and, most likely, failed to make my point that the journey is the same for everyone no matter what god one bows down to, be they humanist or spiritualist.

Best line of the panel came from the mouth of Geoffrey Girard when he said, “Gandalf and Aragorn were way cooler than Christ.”

Later, as talk turned toward sexuality, I instead entered into meaningful converse with Brian Keene and Gary Braunbeck on everything from the fiction of Manly Wade Wellman and Karl Edward Wagner to comic books and movies. It was one of the highlights of my day.

As the sun finished its course across the Hoosier sky I was once more tasked with the open road that led toward my home in the rural wilderness of northern Indiana, saddened to be leaving old friends and new, but emboldened by those bonds forged and renewed… and inspired to face the blank page once more.

My most heartfelt thanks to Maurice Broaddus and my fellow Indiana Horror Writers. Once again, Mo*Con has proven to be far more than just a writer’s convention… it is, in a very real sense, a family reunion.

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