LOST in Translation: Looking Ahead

A Sneak Peek from next week’s episode
The Candidate

Hell. Four letters that form one of the most formidable words in Man’s vast lexicon. It is a place of suffering… of damnation. In Islamic and Christian mythos, Hell is a destination for those who have sinned against God. There is no redemption, only an eternity of punishment at the hands of demons and fallen angels in a fiery underworld.

But LOST’s mythology is influenced not by Judeo-Christian theology as such, but instead looks to Ancient Egypt. Upon death, a person faces judgement before a tribunal of 42 divine judges. Their soul is measured and Ma’at determines whether they pass on to their eternal reward or are cast into the maw of Ammut the Devourer. But there is a glimmer of hope, for some may find themselves transported to a place called The Island of Flames, where the dead reside and are given the chance to justify their sins, to become purified and thus admitted into the realm of Osiris.

Hm, makes one wonder, does it not?

5 hours left.

So many questions still unanswered.


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