LOST in Translation: End of the Line

Season 6 / Episode 13
The Last Recruit
written by Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
directed by Steve Semel

Let me preface the following statements by establishing for those who might think otherwise that “The Last Recruit” was one helluva episode. Talk about “fast-paced”… this one barely left you room to breathe. It felt like the final two minutes of a football game and you’re down by4. A field goal’s not going to cut it.  It was a maddening frenzy of deep outs, misdirection, and Hail Mary’s. But even the best teams under these situations have false start and holding penalties that put the game in jeopardy.

The Last Recruit’s false starts came by way of dialogue. The plotting was spot on, presumably due to the fine work done in the writers’ room carefully stitching this intricate web together. Unfortunately there were times when the actual episode scribes, Zbyszewski and Roland, used hammer-fisted narrative and cliche to somewhat muddy an otherwise near perfect night of television.

I am the forgiving sort, however, and I understand the immense pressure to deliver in these final hours. In the end, The Last Recruit scored its last second touchdown keeping LOST’s Super Bowl dream alive.

Close To Home

“Well, here we go.” ~FLocke

Over in the flashsideways, Desmond is playing the role of Jacob, collecting the candidates and leading them to their wake-up call.

Locke and Sun enter the hospital side by side, much to the chagrin of Ms. Paik who alarmingly calls out “It’s him!” in Korean.

Claire gets introduced to the sunny side up version of Ilana by Desmond, who once again comes across as an uber-creepy stalker dude. Ilana just so happens to be an attorney who’s been looking for Ms. Littleton on behalf of Dr. Jack Sheppard. There’s this little matter of her being in Dead Daddy Christian’s Will and Other Jack learns that he’s got a Secret Sister. Unfortunately this unexpected family reunion is cut short because the Doc has to attend to Other Locke. Nothing is irreversible, Johnny. Here comes Super Jack to fix you right up and get you back on your feet.

Meanwhile Detective Ford has a chat with Fugitive Kate where we learn that he can’t con anyone. Kate rightly surmises that Jimbo let this little bird fly back at LA X because he didn’t want to draw attention to his Outback Adventure. But just as things are getting interesting, Straume and Ford get tossed the Restaurant Homicide and they play Batman and Robin to Sayid’s Two-Face, snagging the Mirrorverse Iraqi with a clever use of a water hose.

Looks like all our birds are gathering in a single nest. The big question is, what then? Will they all come together and form the Justice League and hop on a submarine… Destination: The Island at the Bottom of the Sea? Will they mind slide into the Otherverse and complete their mission of putting the ol’ kabosh to Smokey’s plans for escaping his own private Idaho?

With so few episodes left at least we’ve not long to wait for an answer.

The Sky is a Poisonous Garden

“John Locke was not a believer, Jack, he was a sucker.”

This episode was just crazy. We finally get our FLocke and Jack confrontation and learn that yes, Smokey dressed up in Daddy Sheppard’s meat suit. Now Smokey John tries to assure the good Doctor that this was all done with the purest of intentions. He did after all lead Jack to water, never mind that he also ate the pilot in the process. Jack’s not smellin’ what the Smoke’s got cookin’, but he plays along… for now.

I’m sure this has sparked quite the debate. If MIB was Christian, then how did he appear to Jack back in Los Angeles? I say it’s because Jack was hallucinating due to his alcohol and prescription pill abuse. Why did MIB appear as Christian to Locke at the Frozen Donkey Wheel? Because he knew that Jack was the key to getting everyone back and this would be the catalyst to make that happen. What about when Christian appeared to Michael on the Freighter? Chalk that one up to the Freighter being within the sphere of the Island… After all, Jin was doing the timewarp with the rest of the Island Sliders…

So, it works, even though I’m sure the writers were scrambling to force this square peg into their round hole.

Anyway, after a Claire and Jack reunion, Team FLocke gets a visit from Zoey who is constantly annoying me with her horrendous line delivery. She has been the one major misstep this season, in my opinion, but hopefully she’ll not be long for this world.

So Zoey offers up an ultimatum: return Desmond or Widmore starts raining down missiles on their heads. Fine. Whatever. Smokey sends Sayid off to kill Des and institutes his attack plan. Of course what Smokey doesn’t know is that Sawyer’s got plans of his own. He and Kate sail off in the Elizabeth and, rather than meet up with FLocke and Company as planned, instead heads to a dock where Jack and the rest of the so-called candidates (and Frank!) were told to vamoose to when opportunity reared its pretty little head.

But Jack and Sawyer both made a tactical mistake — they didn’t invite Crazy Claire to their little escape party. Luckily they had sweet talking Kate on their side, who smoothed over the Absentee Mama and brought her over to Team Get the Hell Off This Island Sans Smokey.

But there were rough waters ahead. Jack, doing what Jack does best… brooding… didn’t like the idea of exiting stage left. See, he’s got that sinking feeling that they were brought to the Island for a reason, and that if FLocke wants off so bad, then they should be doing the opposite. Sawyer says “Get off my damn boat!” And Jack does, pulling the ol’ Sawyer sacrifice and plunging into the water, which gave Kate the opportunity to pull a Jack and decry “We have to go back!” But nope, Sawyer’s not having it. They have a rendevous with Team Widmore and our con man with a heart of tarnished gold is meaning to stick a gun in some poor submariner’s grill and get them the hell out of Dodge.

Well James, how’d that work out for you?

Your Haunted Head

“You’re with me now.” ~ The Locke Ness Monster

Poor Sun and Jin, our star-crossed lovers separated by time and space for two seasons (our time) and three years (theirs), finally are reunited and it feels so good. Too bad it ended on a sour note as Charles Widmore pulls a double cross on Team Sawyer. They’ve got the drop on ’em and, as the spoiler pic below suggests, these cats are headed for the Polar Bear cages.

I don’t think there’ll be any sweaty prison sex this time around, but then again, if they’re locked up long enough human nature will be forced to take over.

But back to the real (as opposed to imagined) action. Not only did Widmore get the drop on Sawyer’s Merry Band of Get Out of Towners, but he’s got coordinates on Smokey’s position and is primed to unleash a little shock and awe campaign of righteous explosioning.

Jack makes it back to the Island, rising up from the sea in a scene reminiscent of Jacob’s season five fishery, and has a short powwow with a perturbed FLocke. I say short because this is the point in the episode where I get to yell “INCOMING!!!” The beach gets lit up by a George Bush cocktail and Jack gets to assume the role of Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. Jack gets bomb-blasted into next week (and somewhere I hear Bill Murray saying “Blowed up, sir”), but Smokey sweeps in for the rescue and carries the Doc to safety.

Or does he?

The episode ends with FLocke’s cryptic words, “You’re with me now.”

Has Jack been claimed? Did the bomb kill him, leaving him to be, like Sayid and Claire before him, resurrected in FLocke’s image? Tune in two weeks from now to find out…

Favorite Line of the Night?

There were a lot of good ones, but my favorite goes to the con artist formerly known as LaFleur. The line? “We’re gonna ditch Locke. You, Me, Jack, Hurley, Sun, and that pilot who looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.” Couple that with Sawyer calling Frank “Chesty” and, well, Lil’ Jimmy Ford remains the king of one liners and nicknames.

Next Week on LOST

Sorry to break it to you kids but next week LOST is a repeat of the mind-bending Richard-centric Smokefest “Ab Aeterno”. I know, I know… How could they do this to us? Be strong, my little Dharma-ites. May 4th we’ll get a little episode called “The Candidate”. May 11th will bring us “By the Sea”, which is, according to legend, the be all – end all of Smokey and Jacob goodness. That’s right, “By the Sea” is all about our star-crossed Island Gods with ne’er a Lostie to be found. Then we’ll dive into “What They Died For” on May 18th before we submerge ourselves into “The End” and the epic five hour farewell poised to air Sunday, May 23.

So to tide you over… how about a sneak peek two weeks into the future?

Next week will be a tough one for me, not only because there’s no new LOST for me to take in, but because my little man, Connor, is having a tonsillectomy. And no, we didn’t schedule his surgery to coincide with LOST’s hiatus. It just magically worked out that way. Call it kismet, fate, synchronicity, or just dumb luck, but I’ll be helping the tiny terror recover from his adventure under the knife. I’d appreciate your prayers and thoughts for my boy…

Until next time… Namaste.


One Response to “LOST in Translation: End of the Line”

  1. ” What about when Christian appeared to Michael on the Freighter?”

    What about the comment about not being able to fly over the water?

    Good luck with the surgery, will pray about it.

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