LOST in Translation: Pale Horse

And speaking of blowing stuff up, unfortunately this was an episode also marred with death. And even more unfortunate, it’s not going to be the last in this final season. As we approach the end, so begins the “housecleaning.” –Jorge Garcia

Housecleaning… yep, I’ve been expecting this for some time. At the end of Season 5 I had predicted that Jughead would be used and that all of our Lost friends would be killed setting up a reincarnation of sorts in the here and now. You can refresh your memory by examining my posts here and here. Boy, was I wrong.

So here we are, on the verge of the series finale. Only six hours remain, three of which being the finale itself. Time then to break out the hankies and a fresh supply of body bags.

If you haven’t yet, you may want to read my recap for last night’s episode before continuing.

Caught up? Okay good. Let’s move on then…

We’ve said goodbye (sort of) to a lot of old friends. Mars. Boone. Shannon. Eko. Artz. Libby. Anna Lucia. Charlie. Michael. Charlotte. Daniel. Alex. Rousseau. Nikki & Paolo. Frogurt. Bram. Caesar. Dogen. Lennon. Oh, and John Locke, not to mention various red shirts, Others, and Dharma folk ad nauseum. Of course there was also the big Island kahuna, Jacob. And now Ilana.

We’ve reached the point where some of our favorite characters are going to be crossing over into the great beyond, or perhaps becoming whispers in the jungle like the artist formerly known as Kevin Johnson.

Or will they simply cross over to the flashsideways?

Who knows what the LOST writers have in store?

One thing I do know for sure is that people are going to be dropping like flies in the coming weeks and we’ll all shed some tears when they do. Hell, I fully expect there to be one person left standing at the end… Jacob’s Candidate.

So, I’ll put it out there.

If you could choose one character to survive it all and live out their existence on the Island, who would you pick?

Me, I’m going with Hurley if for no other reason than because he’d never be alone and all his departed friends can come chat with him (or yell at him as they seem wont to do, according to Hugo) at their eternal leisure.

How about you?


One Response to “LOST in Translation: Pale Horse”

  1. I would pick Desmond at this point. But it would have been Locke. Honestly I hope it doesn’t end like that.

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