LOST in Translation: BOOM!

Season 6 / Episode 12
Everybody Loves Hugo
written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
directed by Daniel Attias

I didn’t think that LOST would be able to top last week’s “Happily Ever After”, but the more I think about it, “Everybody Loves Hugo” just might have done it. Was it letter perfect? No, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t punch you in the gut time and time again. “ELH” was whiplash inducing craziness… and I loved every gobsmacking bit of it.


“The Island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s
gonna happen when it’s done with us.” ~Ben

Please join me in a moment of silence as we bid farewell to Ilana, who we barely got to know at all aside from being led to believe she was some kind of Wonder Woman – Island Protector Goddess… tapped by Jacob to gather his candidates and mother hen them. In the end she was Doc Artz and Ilana went BOOM!

In fact, I turned to my wife, jaw hanging open in mirror of her own, and I said, “Oh my gods, they Artz-ed her!”

Do I think we’re done with Ilana? I hope not. I kind of have a soft spot for her (and the actress, who I thoroughly enjoyed in the short lived “Lone Gunmen” series). Luckily for us, being dead on LOST does not mean we’ve seen the last of you. Maybe Hugo and our Russian beauty will get a chance to chat somewhere down the road…

And while we’re on the subject of explosions, might we also bow our heads and wish godspeed to the Black Rock, which Hugo decided to send into the great hereafter.

<sniff> I’ll miss that ol’ statue-smashing, dynamite-holding, uber-island-icon of all things piratey and cool. <sniff>

Anyway, speaking of Hugo…


“You don’t remember me, do you?” ~Libby

You know, it’s true… everybody does love Hugo. And why not, there’s a lot to love about the big ol’ lug. Soft spoken, sweet, and desperately in need of a hug, Hurley is more often than not played for comic relief, but you know what… Jorge Garcia’s got some acting chops and he put them on display in last night’s episode.

“ELH” brought us the return of Michael, albeit as one of the whispering dead. Michael came along for the ride to prod Hugo into action, to check off one of the “pressing” island mysteries (the whispers are the voices of folk who have kicked it and are unable to move on), and to give this troubled soul a chance to apologize for deep sixing Libby.

As fans, we’ve waited a long time to get some more Libby action. Of course what we really wanted was some resolution to the mystery surrounding her stay in Santa Clara, and while Santa Clara indeed reared its ugly head, it was in the flashsideways where she’s had herself committed because of her glimpse into an island life with the world’s richest fried chicken mogul.

Hm, Charlie sees Claire… Desmond sees Penny… Libby sees Hugo… I’m detecting a theme here. Soulmates? It’s all about coupling for our Lost writers. Locke and Helen, Charles and Eloise… even Daniel and Charlotte are sniffing around each other. It’s just a matter of time before Sawyer and Juliet are reunited. Does that leave Jack and Kate as a potential hook-up? Skaters are squirming in their seats.

But back to Hugo… It’s nice to see Hurley stepping up and taking a leadership role, and even nicer to see Jack and the other candidates deferring to his lead. Granted, Hurley tried the old “Jacob told me so” con, but Jack saw through his bluff but went along anyway.

I think Hurley will be playing an even bigger role in episodes to come which is welcome news. More Jorge is always good. And now that his elseworlds version has been awakened by a kiss from his dead island girlfriend, it will be interesting to see what shakes out on that side of the multi-verse.

Speaking of, Desmond’s getting his freak on… playing creepy stalker dude and setting something up on both sides of the mirror.


“What’s the point in being afraid?” ~Desmond

Let’s see. “Everybody Loves Hugo” had three really huge whiplash moments. The first was Ilana doing her rendition of Boom goes the Dynamite. What was the second one? Oh yeah — SMOKEY TOSSED DESMOND INTO A WELL.

Sorry about your luck, brotha.

Seeing Des and FLocke together was more than cool, with each affecting a zen-like swagger as they played a game of mental chess. There was some great dialogue there as the Flockeness Monster pumped Des for intel and spilled the proverbial magic beans about the crazy island properties and those telluric hot spots of compass-confusing EMF anomalies that are all over the freaking place.

Flocke was confused by Des’ utter lack of fear considering he was in the presence of his almighty Smokiness, but our favorite Scotsman’s seen the best — and worst — of both worlds and he’s not scared of anything… except maybe a one way ticket to Flocke’s version of a wellness center.

Have a nice trip, mate. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh but wait, I failed to mention the boy in the jungle. You know, the dark haired lad, grinning like a hyena… that, like Sawyer spying the earlier blonde version, Des saw with his own two eyes. Flocke said ignore him, but you know we can’t.

Dark hair. Old school threads. Young MIB? And that would make the blonde version young Jacob? Or maybe not. FLocke has stated that Jacob stole his body and his humanity. Is it possible that the blonde boy is, in fact, MIB and that the dark boy, a young Jacob, switched bodies leaving MIB’s spirit to assume smokey-form?

I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks, but for now…


“Ever since Juliet died…ever since I got her killed…
all I’ve wanted was to fix it. But I can’t. I can’t ever fix it.
You have no idea how hard it is for me to sit back and listen
to other people tell me what I should do. But I think maybe
that’s the point. Maybe I’m supposed to let go.” ~Jack

Everyone’s got a mission. Hurley and the Candidates are hooking up with Flocke and Company. Richard, Ben, and Miles became the Three Amigos and said no thanks, opting instead to make for Hydra Island to disable the Ajira plane (and, I’d bet money that they’ll have a little run-in with our time-flashing dugout crew and one of them will get capped by Juliet).

And Desmond… well he’s all about bringing folks together. He nudged Hurley and Libby together over in the mirrorverse, then took a trip back to school where he was confronted by OtherBen. Sideways Linus knows a creepy stalker dude when he sees one, but he was leaning toward the sexual predator-type, not the RUN DOWN FREAKING JOHN LOCKE IN A WHEELCHAIR-type.

And we have our hat trick, ladies and gentlemen. What, were they having a three for one sale at the shocking developments for writers workshop?

It’s all good though. We get it. It’s just Des’ way of bringing everyone together, man. See, Locke’s going to get carted off to the hospital where he’ll be saved by Dr. Jack Shephard. I’m sure Juliet will be there too, saving Sun and her unborn child. Hell, I’ll bet Sawyer shows up to investigate the shooting or the hit and run, and while we’re at it, maybe Kate’ll be there for a pre-prison physical. Claire could be getting her own prenatal check-up and Sayid could be visiting his brother. Thank gods there’s only one hospital in all of Los Angeles.

See, it’s all coming together, folks… and it’s a wonderful thing, chock full of that maddening goodness that makes LOST what it is: a crazy-ass roller coaster thrill ride of mindbending, soul-twisting proportions.


The Last Recruit promises more of the same. They’re teasing us with the promotional tagline “The Time is Now” and I couldn’t agree more. Each episode has furthered the story and we’re now getting down to the nitty gritty. Hell, just look at this freaking trailer:

I’ve got goosebumps. With only 6 hours left, the endgame is taking shape and I’m thrilled thus far. This epic journey has been worth every last moment (Stranger in a Strange Land notwithstanding)…

3 Responses to “LOST in Translation: BOOM!”

  1. Wow, what a night! ! ! ! !

    • cairnwood Says:

      It really was an incredible episode. Kim and I kept looking at each other with slack jaws and wide eyes unable to process what we were seeing. Calling it “explosive” is an unbearable understatement. The word epic gets thrown about a lot, but to consider LOST anything less is a disservice.

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