LOST in Translation: Triskaidekaphobia

sort of

In the upcoming episode “Everybody Loves Hugo” we’ll learn that, yes, Hurley won the lottery in the flash-sideways. What’s interesting is that he doesn’t win with the infamous “numbers” we’ve been so fond of mulling over for 5 plus seasons.

Now, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, I double checked the Lighthouse and the Cave and I divined the following:

10 – Mattingly, a soldier who came to the Island in the 50s

28 – Howard, unknown

44 – Martinez, unknown

53 – Discall, unknown

77 – not shown

80 – not shown

My assumption based on the above is that these numbers do not relate to any candidates and are in fact random numbers. Or are they?

The sum of the numbers… 10+28+44+53+77+80= 292

2+9+2 = 13


Hm, doesn’t look like thirteen’s been too unlucky for Hugo, based on what we’ve seen of his flash-sideways so far.

Guess we’ll have to peek in on him next week to be sure. In the meantime, tonight we have “Happily Ever After”, a Desmond-centric episode. If ever there was a dude who could use a little luck, it’s our boy Desmond.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the episode title is somewhat facetious.

See you tomorrow for my recap.


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