LOST in Translation: Veritas

The Man in Black told Richard Alpert that the Devil, i.e. Jacob, betrayed him and stole his body and his humanity. Stole his body? That begs the question, is Jacob wearing MIB’s original meat suit? That would be an interesting twist, now wouldn’t it. It would certainly explain MIB’s animosity toward Jacob and color their respective roles.

And another thing, while I’m twisting my noodle, if Kate’s crossed out in the Cave, but not in the Lighthouse, could this mean that Jacob’s trying to con MIB into believing that she’s not a viable candidate? Is she a ringer? Is Kate Jacob’s loophole?

Now, so long as I’m throwing stuff out there. I’m betting solid money that Sun’s recent misfortune (and that of her imperiled baby to be) in the flash-sideways will find Juliet swooping in to save the day. She is our resident Island Fertility Goddess. I also wonder if there’s a chance that Sawyer, being a cop and all, will show up on the scene in response to the shooting, and therefore meet up with his soulmate from the other side.

One more thing in regard to the elseworld before we go. Jack’s ex and mother to his David? Could that too be Juliet? I mean, it’s all but a given, right?And while I’m thinking way too hard, what about Anna Lucia? She’d be a good candidate for Miles’ significant other. Aargh! These flash-sideways will be the death of me. I expect more answers following next week’s Desmond-centric Happily Ever After.

Oh Desmond, could it be that you’re the new Jacob, with feet in both realities? Are you going to be Zoe’s deus ex machina when Jin leads her to the frozen donkey wheel? Will the survivors of the coming war be teleported by the wheel into the flash-sideways?

Damn it, my mind just exploded.

Food for thought… more later, I’m sure.


2 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Veritas”

  1. Hey Bob, miss seeing you’re comments over on the JBF, but I had a Lost Question: Do you know if the Michael and Walt are featured in any upcoming episodes? I thought I read somewhere that they were both returning to the show, but haven’t heard a peep since. Thanx in advance.

    BTW, Peter David’s blog has a good Lost discussion going on. PAD puts it more succinctly than I do that maybe the MIB vs Jacob showdown is really a choice as to who is the lesser evil. Thought you might find it interesting.

    • cairnwood Says:

      Hey Marc, good to see you here. We’ll definitely be seeing Michael on the Island (in a scene with Hugo and Libby, I hear), but Walt’s still up in the air.

      Thanks for the heads up on Cowboy Pete. I just might need to check that out.


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