LOST in Translation: Special Delivery

Season 6 / Episode 10
written by Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland
directed by Paul Edwards

Poor Sun and Jin. There’s a word for these two. I know it because it was drummed into my head by Mrs. Conley in Freshman English back in high school. That word is star-crossed. Thank you, Mrs. C… and by extension, Mr. Shakespeare. Yes, our two Korean lovebirds are star-crossed, or for those of you who slept through English Lit, they be fate’s bitches. We get it, oh heavy handed Lost scribes. And just when you thought there might be some resolution to their tale, what with there being a mere seven episodes left and all, the writers decided that their separation can continue on a wee bit longer. And as an added bonus, let’s make sure they get no happy ending in the mirrorverse as well…

“The Package” was not a great episode. Good, sure… but not great and this was made even more painfully obvious by not only having it follow the epic “Ab Aeterno”, but to also precede next week’s Desmond-centric “Happily Ever After”. Any doubts as to the epic nature of that one? None whatsoever.

Still, a less than great episode of LOST is better than just about anything else on television and it’s not like the story just ground to a halt. The overall story was served and on the plate were a few appetizers to hold us over until the main course.

Islands in the Stream

“Some people just aren’t meant to be together.” – Martin Keamy

Over in the Elseworld, Sun and Jin are not married… instead carrying on a not so secret affair that gets Jin in some hot water with Sun’s daddy via Christopher Walken, er — I mean Martin Keamy. The $25 grand US Customs confiscated from Jin (and probably used to fund some clandestine operation in Costa Rica or something. Hey, $200 hammers will only get you so far.) was earmarked for Marty McDie as payment for popping a cap in the boy who’s been slipping the noodle to the boss’s daughter.

Fair enough. The writers dotted their Is and crossed their Ts while connecting Sayid’s tale to Sun and Jin’s. And believe me, Sun getting shot during Jin’s fight with our favorite Island Cyclops was the stuff of true tragedy… especially when she revealed to her lover that she was carrying their child.

One imagines that Jin will carry his paramour straight outa Compton and into St. Elsewhere. Are we placing bets on who the doctor will be that attempts to save Sun and her unborn? Easy money’s on Jack, but what about a Sideways Juliet, our resident and much missed Island Fertility Goddess?

Time to leave now this other place and trek back to the Island for a glimpse into its goings on, but first a thought about the biggest reveal of the night concerning the mysterious Kwon for Candidate scenario. Did you catch it? See, in all the previous flash-sideways, the candidates have had their moment in front of a reflective surface… In last night’s sidestep, it was daughter Paik who got her moment in the Sun.

Sun is the candidate. Not Jin.

I think.

It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right

“I don’t like secrets.” – FLocke to Sawyer

Lots of maneuvering on the Island this week as we’re treated once again to a “set ’em up” episode. These will pay off. Trust in me as I trust in Darlton. Yes, it all seems painfully slow, but I suspect a large part of that is the anticipation factor. I suspect this will all play out differently once we rewatch them all on DVD.

So, while the Lockeness Monster plays mind games with his Legion of Doom by a.) promising Jin he’ll bring Sun back, and b.) stoking the crazy fire inside Claire by telling her that he needs her and Kate to play nice at least until he’s used Ms. Austen to rustle up Jack and the rest of Easy Company… Widmore’s Howling Commandos lie in wait for Black Smoke Daddy to leave the camp unprotected by his dark effluvium.

Team Zoe puts Flocke’s Army of Darkness to sleep and kidnaps Jin because she’s got a hard-on for a pocket of electro-magnetic energy. Said pocket is on an old Dharma map with Jin’s name on it, and she wants Kwon to don his Skipper’s cap and take her on a three hour tour into the very heart of the Island’s deus ex machina… which, I suspect is home to the frozen donkey wheel.

Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You

“Cause that would be ridiculous.” – Sawyer to FLocke

Smokey’s powers of compulsion aren’t what they used to be. First Ben denies his offer of Island Lordship, then Sun decides she’d rather take a blow to the head than trust that he can reunite her with her absentee husband. Looks like FLocke needs to go back to Jedi Mind Trick School.

Returning home to Camp Sleepytime, the Man in Black discovers Jin’s kidnapping and decides to deliver a package in person to Hydra Island. That package? Ninja Sayid. While Smokey keeps Widmore and his Freighter Mercs 2.0 distracted by sauntering up to their little sonic defense perimeter, Sayid is tasked with looking in on Widmore’s Package, and I’m not talking about what rides south of Alan Dale’s belt buckle.

As suspected, behind the mysteriously locked door on Chuck’s Submersible was none other than Desmond Hume.

FLocke left Charlie standing on the beach with a cryptic message: “A wise man once said that war is coming to this island, I think it just got here.”

All I can say to that is… it’s about damn time.

Next week on LOST?

The return of Desmond Hume. ‘Nuff Said.

A Last Minute Addendum

Apologies to both Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim. They both did a marvelous job last night and I should have made a point of complimenting their acting chops. DDK especially delivered in the scene with Charles Widmore outside of Room 23. As he looked at those pictures of Ji Yeon, the child he’s never seen, Mr. Kim gave us a wonderfully heartfelt performance.

Until next week… as they say,  Namaste.


2 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Special Delivery”

  1. Al Kilyu Says:

    The start of your last section regarding Smokey reminds me of The Stand, and how the evil baddie who was recruiting people left and right and seemed invincible started to show signs of losing it.

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