LOST in Translation: There Can Be Only One

There Can Be Only One
Candidates, Endgames, and The Flash-Sideways

We’re drawing even closer to the end and that end is becoming more clear. LOST, for all its mythology and mystery, has always been first and foremost about the characters. This won’t be changing any time soon, nor should it. Compelling storytelling has to be rooted in the characters and that’s what sets LOST apart. They get it. The characters come first.

Still, the answers are coming… slowly, but surely.

Let me be clear. I’m afraid that everyone’s going to die on the Island. Well, not everyone. There’ll be one man left standing. That man will be Jacob’s replacement as Island Protector. That man will most certainly be Jack Sheppard.

These candidates, brought to the Island by Jacob, have been tasked to rise above their past failings, to do the right thing… to be good for goodness sake.

Who better than Jack Sheppard to be the culmination of that progress? From a Man of Science to Man of Faith, Jack is on the verge of becoming the balance between these two disciplines.

I have envisioned another scenario, one in which a different candidate assumes the mantle of Island God. That man? Hugo Reyes. Imagine if you will a distraught Hurley on the beach, saddened by the sacrifice of his friends, all having died in the struggle between Jacob and the Man in Black. Hurley’s unique gift would find him not alone on the Island however, and everyone who had died would be there with him, keeping him company. The beach would be filled with his lost friends… all ghosts speaking in whispers.

The Flash-Sideways is our doomed candidates reward for fighting the good fight. Hurley will hit the reset button, the Island will sink into oblivion, and all his lost friends will begin life anew in a mirror world where all that they’ve learned from their Island adventure will set them on a path of redemption.

I just have this feeling that the newly crowned Island God has set up this flash-sideways world, filled with cliched homages to various television genres, because that’s exactly what Hurley would do.

In the end, there can be only one.
May it be Hugo Reyes.
The Ghost Whisperer.


3 Responses to “LOST in Translation: There Can Be Only One”

  1. I’m still hesitant to claim any sort of theory until I know what fracking role Christian Shepherd is playing in all of it. Great post!

  2. […] March 29th I posted a LOST in Translation entry titled “There Can Be Only One” in which I threw out my theory as to who the candidate would be and who I thought it should […]

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