Supernatural Tendencies: Undead and Loving It

Season 5 / Episode 15
“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

Supernatural came back with a vengeance last night in an emotional roller coaster and action packed episode fraught with lost loves, betrayals, and… zombies.The nuts and bolts of it were pretty simple in that a small cadre of the living and breathing challenged crawled up out of their eternal rest and, with the exception of one seeking a little payback against the righteous dude who murdered him, return home to resume their place with those who’d said their goodbyes some time ago.

Oh, did I mention that this all went down in Bobby Singer’s home town?

Enter Sam and Dean who discover that Bobby’s wife has come home as well. If you remember Bobby’s back-story, his award winning pie baking paramour ended up possessed by a demon and he had to put the ol’ kabash on his lady love, setting him on the path to becoming the ass kicking — monster hunting — demonologist we’ve become so endeared with.

But with her back to her pie baking ways, Bobby’s blind to the dangers of allowing his undead betrothed readmittance into his hearth and home.

And who could blame him. All of these walking dead returnees have shambled back into their old lives as sweet as can be. Dead spouses are shacking back up with their exes, deceased children have climbed back into the arms of their parents… can you blame the living for be so accepting of their dearly departed’s homecoming?

Sam and Dean know it’s too good to be true and they’re proven right when, five days after being reborn into the land of the living, the reanimated start going all Romero on their significant others… and then it’s all headshot or die for our heroes.

It was fun, but in true Supernatural fashion, it was deeply moving as well. It’s what has always been at the heart of a good zombie story. When death comes shambling toward you and it’s wearing the face of someone you love, well, it forces you to do the unimaginable.

Jim Beaver really delivered a superb performance. You felt Bobby Singer’s pain because the actor was able to effortlessly sell the love he had for Karen. But more than that, he sold the guilt he had for being the one who put her six feet under to begin with. All those old demons, so to speak, were revisited.

And to add insult to injury, Bobby learned from his wife that this had all been orchestrated by Death himself, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because of his connection to the Winchester Brothers. Destined to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer, Death’s message was for Bobby to not interfere.

The question left hanging was whether or not Bobby took this message to heart.

A great episode that did much to ease the pain of such a long hiatus. It feels good to have the boys back in action.

I’ll leave you with two final thoughts:

1. There was a nice little nod to Jim Beaver’s shortlived turn on the now defunct Harper’s Island by naming the town’s resident law dog Sheriff Mills.

2. Kids creep me the hell out. When the aforementioned Sheriff Mills’ son rose up from his daddy happy meal, all bloody and hungry-eyed, well that was enough to give this seasoned paranormal adventurer a full on case of the spine shivers.

Next week, Sam and Dean go to Heaven for a little showdown with the Angel Zachariah. Here’s to hoping that son of bitch gets his wings clipped for good this time.


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