LOST in Translation: Kristining

You familiar with Kristin Dos Santos over at E~Online? Well, she posted some juicy LOST related bits that I thought I’d cover. Here’s what she had to say:

More Four-Play: Just what you wanted (no?) a new four letter word that will be revealed in two weeks which is very important. If you want to play along, here goes:  This word has no A’s, one E, and as of episode 11 it will be clear that this four-letter word is what this series is ultimately all about. It’s also the word that just might end up connecting the two worlds (the island and the Flash-Sideways Los Angeles) we’ve been seeing all season long.

Scoop on next week’s episode:
1. There’s a reveal about Jin and Sun that will shock you. They are ­­*o* *a*****!
2. We’ll see Daniel Dae Kim shirtless. (You’re welcome, Josh Holloway, who lobbied for that. And you’re welcome, world.)
3. Fake Locke reveals what they need to leave the island.
4. We learn that a female Lostie is “expendable.”
5. There will be a “package.”

Okay… did you get all that? Now, let’s break it down:

More Four-Play: In a word — HOPE.

Next week’s Scoops:

1. No shocker here. Sun and Jin are “Not Married!”

2. This one may be of importance to the ladies. Me? Not so much.

3. Frozen Donkey Wheel anyone? Oh, and I suspect that all the candidates must die. What? You thought it’d be easy? As my wife so astutely surmised, Jacob’s the actual cork, thus whoever assumes Jacob’s mantle must also be put six feet under. As the candidate’s not been selected as yet, then everyone must die. Plain and simple.

4. An expendable female Lostie? Say it ain’t so, but so long as we are, much to the chagrin of Kate Haters everywhere, it’s Sun who’s going down. She’s one Kwon too many.

5. There will be a “package”? In quotes no less, which is a poor allusion to the “package”, see I can do it too, to the fact that we’re dealing with a person and not something like Jughead Jr or something. So what’s this package? I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… if I were writing this it’d be Earth 2 Locke. I don’t think the LOST writers are that brave though, so expect Desmond to be in his Dad-In-Law’s cabin under the sea.

So there you go, my take on Kristin’s Riddle-Me-This.

Now I’ve got one for you:

There’s three men on a boat with 4 cigarettes and no matches. How do they manage to smoke?

Till later…



3 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Kristining”

  1. Al Kilyu Says:

    I wish that it was E2 Locke! I can’t post spoilers here I know but I saw set photos last month that had me thinking some things…

    I still think Locke will return “Matrix Revolutions”-style…in fact I think the whole show will end that way with all hope lost, everyone dead, then happy ending in brand new shiny world.

    I also think that before it ends, Richard will find out he’s not damned.

    • cairnwood Says:

      We are certainly in the thick of it now. I just hope there’s not a huge let down next week after such a great episode.

  2. Al Kilyu Says:

    I’m sure it’ll be a huge letdown there always is after episodes like this.

    Did you notice how, up until last week, EVERYONE assumed that the ship we saw off shore in last season’s finale was The Black Rock? Me included. Now we see that was some other ship and the Black Rock literally flew onto the island one night.

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