LOST in Translation: To Con Again


Two things I’ve been thinking about in regard to tonight’s Sawyer-centric episode, Recon.

First, the guest cast, particularly the inclusion of  Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis and Neil Hopkins as Liam Pace.

Charlotte, I presume, being dead and all, will show up in Sawyer’s flash-sideways, most likely as a love interest. But will there be more to it than that? Speculating that somehow the flash-sideways and original timeline will somehow converge, could Charlotte lead Sawyer to the Island in some way?

Yes, I know the Island is at the bottom of the ocean, but I still hold that the Island will rise again. I had a dream (I know, I know, don’t get me started) in which our elseworld castaways were on a submarine trolling about the ocean floor surveying the ruins of the Tawaret statue. Prescient? Maybe…

The return of Liam Pace is even more mind-twisting. What are we to make of an appearance by Charlie’s brother and Driveshaft bandmate? I see two possibilities. The one I like best is that Liam is on the sub with Charles Widmore, being used as a proxy to enable the former Island leader to return to the Island. If this plays out, then it begs the question as to who else Widmore has recruited as stand-ins for the other castaways.

Of course it is also possible that we’ll see Liam in the flash-sideways. MAJOR SPOILER HERE, SO READ NO FURTHER IF YOU DON”T WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S COMING. In the elseworld, Sawyer, as has already been leaked, is a cop. It could be that Liam is at the police station attempting to procure the release of his brother who was last seen in handcuffs following his arrest on Oceanic Flight 815 for drug possession and attempted suicide.

I guess we’ll find out together, tonight at 9pm.

The official synopsis for Recon states: “Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission.” More than just a little vague, no? Well, I’m pretty confident that there’s a double meaning intended by the use of the word Recon for the episode title. We know Sawyer’s a con man, and surely it is meant as an allusion to that, but the true sense of the word, it being the shortened form of “reconnaissance” gives us the thrust of the Locke-ness Monster’s marching orders to the ex-head of Dharma Security, the confidence man formerly known as LaFleur.

I’m guessing that Flocke knows Widmore’s coming and he wants James Ford to trek out and have a look around to size up this new arrival. Is Widmore an ally or is the follicle-challenged exile delivering a sub full of trouble down on Dark Locke’s plans?

My head has me leaning toward Charles being all about Team Smokey, but my heart vehemently disagrees.

The proof will be in the proverbial pudding. Black pudding, that is. Recon will mark the halfway point in season 6 and while I expect answers, I also expect even more questions and head-scratching twists.

I leave you now to ponder this and more. As a parting gift allow me to serve up another little taste from tonight’s episode:


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