LOST in Translation: Centum Carminis

100 Posts and Counting…

From the beginning I have identified most with a single character on LOST. That character? John Locke. No, I don’t get around by means of a wheelchair, nor have I ever been duped into giving up my kidney to my con man father (not yet anyway), but I have stared into the eye of the island and seen the beauty there.

John Locke’s desperate need for faith and hope is familiar territory for me. I have felt that burning desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, to discover my destiny and by sheer will and tenacity see it through to glorious self-discovery.

Here lies John Locke. Dead before his time. A perpetual victim. A sad, pathetic, and lonely man who wanted so very much to be special. A man whose final thought was, “I don’t understand”.

Benjamin Linus eulogized him by saying, “John Locke was a Believer. He was a Man of Faith. He was a much better man than I will ever be, and I’m very sorry I murdered him.”

Strangely enough, I am still holding out hope for John Locke. LOST being LOST, there is still a chance for John Locke to rise again and to finally embrace a destiny filled with magic and wonder on an island paradise filled with limitless mystery and intrigue. And ultimately, dare we dream of solace?

We are on a collision course with a finale that will, I presume, see destiny fulfilled. Will that destiny include a resurrected John Locke? Time will tell. I hold firm to my belief that the flash-sideways is more than just a narrative device meant to fill the empty spaces in the endgame for the series. I have a sneaky suspicion that the island that sits at the bottom of the ocean in this perplexing elseworld will rise again, and with it John Locke.

In the end, even the best of us dies… and all we can hope for is a death that has meaning.

John Locke deserves such a death.


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