LOST in Translation: Prometheus Risen

Let’s talk about the Flash-Sideways…

We all witnessed Jack’s deja vu moments on the “reimagined” Oceanic Flight 815, both during the titular non-crash (and subsequent peek beneath the sea to his little Island getaway from another life) and his chat with his brother from another mother, Mr. Desmond Hume. And there was, of course, the phantom cut on his neck… Even Kate had a moment, while escaping from the US Marshal, when hers and Jack’s eyes met and there was that spark of recognition…

These two realities are connected.

It goes without saying, but the how and why of it all is a mystery…

Enter “Lighthouse” and we are met with another such moment of phantom memory. I’m sure you’re well aware of the scene I’m about to address.

Jack looks in the mirror and notices an appendectomy scar. He looks troubled by it and calls his mother to ask when this was done. She says it occurred when he was 7 or 8. Of course we know that Other Jack has his appendectomy performed by Juliet on the island. So why the discrepancy? Why would Sideways Jack have his appendix removed some thirty years or so before Other Jack?

What if Jack had his appendix removed in 1977? You know, the year that he tried to detonate the hydrogen bomb at the Swan Hatch? If this sideways reality was created at that moment, maybe there had to be a transference of sorts. Other Jack didn’t have an appendix, so therefore when Sideways Jack was created, he couldn’t have one either.

And now, it’s all rising to the surface… the Other Jack is awakening inside his Sideways-Self. Crossing over the site of the Island, where they dropped their bomb and made a deal with the devil, has set-off a cosmic trigger. Where that shall lead us is open to debate.

Will these two realities merge at some point? Is there a greater purpose behind this trying to teach our Castaways a lesson prior to their epic confrontation with the Island Forces?

Time will tell if their reality tunnels will converge to form a more perfect union, indivisible, with Dharma beer and polar bears for all.



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3 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Prometheus Risen”

  1. This stuff really does make my head hurt! ! ! !

  2. Dr. Teeth Says:

    Slight correction. Jack’s Mother calls him about finding the will papers, and while on the phone he asks her about it.

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