LOST in Translation: This Little Light of Mine

“And if you feel that you can’t go on. And your will’s sinkin’ low
Just believe and you can’t go wrong.
In the light you will find the road.”
~Led Zeppelin, In the Light

Season 6 Episode 5
written by Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse
directed by Jack Bender

Unfortunately I don’t have as much time to dissect this episode as I’d like, but here are my thoughts just the same. You can expect more commentary from me over the next few days as time allows. A great episode… and one that, again, is positioning all the players for their end run toward the series finale. Now, on with the show…

Heal Thy Self

“I came here because I was broken, and
I was stupid enough to think this place could fix me.”
~Jack Shephard

One thing guaranteed from a Jack-centric episode is angst by the shovelful. Mr. Shephard is one tortured soul, be he on the Island or in Sidewaysland. I’ll not need to spend a lot of time delving into the very Jackness of “Lighthouse”. This is the Jack we’ve come to know quite well over 5+ seasons… but he is evolving. We saw that in season 5 when he finally relinquished his steadfast and stubborn hold on his “Man of Science” worldview. Of course, what did that get him? Jack’s fault seems to be that he’s always “all in”. I think that now, the Jack that we saw sitting alone staring out to sea, is on the verge of finding his center… that perfect balance between “Man of Faith” and “Man of Science”.

Jack’s always had daddy issues and seeing him back in LA X we see that his sideways son, a gifted and talented pianist, has some of his own. I still don’t know where we’re going in these sideways glimpses into this parallel world, but I’m invested in them. If nothing else we get to see growth in the characters we’ve connected with for the past six years. When Jack says to David, “No matter what you do, in my eyes you can never fail” it was a touching moment and one that was as healing for Jack as it was his own angst-ridden progeny.

It’s A Kind of Magic

“Does it say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?”
~Jack to Hurley at the Lighthouse entrance

Ghost Jacob has a mission for Hugo: Drag Jack’s sullen ass out of the Temple, across the Island, and to the “Lighthouse”. The Lighthouse? Really? How in the Blue Jesus did this thing go undetected? Leave it to LOST to drop something like this on us, but hey, on an Island of hidden hatches, teleporting polar bears, Smoke Monsters, and more Others than you can shake a Jesus stick at, what’s one more inexplicable mystery?

As much as I want to grumble over this latest plot contrivance, I must admit, it was pretty cool. But more on that in a minute. First let me bask in a couple of things that transpired during Jack and Hugo’s Excellent Adventure.

One: Hurley and Dogen.  Man, that was priceless, especially when Hugo dropped the “why don’t YOU go the courtyard” on our humorless samurai whose response in Japanese translated roughly to, “if you weren’t a candidate I’d chop off your head”.

Two: Jack and Kate. Ouch, talk about your cold shoulder. One gets the feeling that Kate’s had enough of the triangle all the way around. When she says to Jack “I hope you find what you’re looking for” it really felt like they were done every bit as much as the feeling I got between her and Sawyer on the dock. Hopefully now Kate can walk her own path and her character can be defined by something other than her love interest of the week.

Okay… back to the lighthouse.

Now that’s a nifty little artifact to be added to the Island mythos… so nifty that I’m willing to forgive the fact that it even being there strains my sense of suspension of disbelief.

What we have is a magic lighthouse, complete with four magical mirrors that, when set to the proper degree looks out into the world, most likely creating a circuit that draws individuals to the island.

The numbers are all there. And they’ve got names beside them ala “Jacob’s Cave”, though if you read my “quick reaction” last night then you know my thoughts on that.

Jack and Hurley were supposed to turn the wheel to 108 degrees (where the name Wallace was written… I was expecting Widmore’s name however). As each degree became synched up with the mirror (and the names inscribed beside said degree), we saw images in the mirror, much to Jack’s surprise and horror.

We saw three images reflected in Jacob’s Magic Mirror… the Temple where Jin and Sun were married, the house where Sawyer grew up, and finally Jack’s childhood home.

Poor Jack was headed for a nervous breakdown as he went all Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon on those mirrors, seven years of bad luck be damned.

What’s in a Number?

At least Kate finally got a number. She is listed as number 51 and, she would be happy to know, is not crossed out, unlike Mr. Friendly (who is listed as number 109) or Littleton (crossed out at number 313)

360 degrees. 360 candidates. And a whole lot of them are crossed the hell out. But not all of those crossed out are “dead” per se, some have simply been turned…  infected… consumed by the MIB?

I, for one, am quite intrigued by this addition to Island mythology. Does it out and out answer the burning questions we have about the numbers or the candidates? No, but we’re being given pieces of the puzzle, and as I have said each week since season 6 began… that’s enough for me. For now at least.

Ax Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies

Okay, before I get the hell out of here and go prowl around the internet to see what everyone else thought of the episode, I’ve got just one more thing to address… Claire. Holy Shit, that girl is freaking nuts. Case in point:

Wow. Talk about your fetish from hell. That damned thing gave me the heebie-jeebies. And poor Jin. That boy just can’t catch a break. Anyone else think that was a smart move telling Ms. Littleton that baby Aaron is back at the Temple instead of in Kate’s care? And the whole bit with her “friend”? That was pretty damn eerie too. When the Locke-ness Monster stepped into the tent and Jin said, “John?” — the look on everyone’s face was priceless. “That’s not John, that’s my friend.”

Yeah, this show just got dialed up to eleven.

Next Week:

Sayid takes center stage in the March 2nd episode, Sundown. It will be interesting to see our favorite Iraqi Torturer’s flash-sideways life and to, hopefully, gain some insight into this “darkness” that is reportedly growing inside him back on the Island. To wet your whistle while we wait, here’s a sneak peek:


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