Death In Common

Death in Common: Poems from Unlikely Victims brings unusual depth, creativity and chillingly potent imagery to what is often referred to as “horror poetry.”  The poems within this unique volume are not simply horrific, they’re genuinely lyrical and wonderfully human stories as well, and that’s not easily accomplished by any poet, liviing, dead, or somewhere in between.

–T.M. Wright, author of “Bone Soup” (Cemetery Dance, 2009)).

Edited by Rich Ristow, this collection features poetry by some truly talented authors, such as Michael Arnzen, Wrath James White, Christopher Conlon, Marge Simon, Steve Vernon, and Louise Bohmer, among others.

In addition to creating the cover art for the project, I also have two poems appearing in the anthology — The Wolf and the Wily Fox and Husk.

You can preorder a copy of Death In Common from Bandersnatch Books by emailing  Rich and Scott at You will not be billed via paypal until the title is ready to ship.


Bob Freeman’s Occult Detective collection, That Olde Black Magick, is now available direct from Bandersnatch Books for a mere $13.oo… FREE Shipping and Handling. Includes a signed bookplate with each purchase.


10 Responses to “Death In Common”

  1. I can’t wait to hold this baby in me hands. :-)

    Take care, Bob!~

    Louise xox

    • Louise, it seems like forever ago that we embarked on this journey. It will be nice to finely see the fruits of our labours.

      Best always,


  2. Well, yeah, it was forever ago!

    I would say I love the book, but after what it took to get this out, I’m so, so ready to move on!

    Thanks for posting this, Bob. Your copy should be to you any day now, and then, I have to order a stack of them and start flinging them out in the mail…

  3. And soon you and I get to work on your baby. I’m looking forward to that journey with you, Wolfe and Crowe. :-)

  4. I know yours is going to be one of those I get lost in and have to go back over paragraphs that caught me up in story, making me forget I’m editing. :-)

    • And the biggest reason I need a lovely and talented editor… I get caught up in it too and I wrote the damn thing ;)

  5. hehe I hear you there, dear sir! :-D

  6. I mean…on the getting caught up in the plot. LOL I type too fast sometimes!


    Louise xox

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