LOST in Translation: Is it Tuesday yet?

By Odin’s Purloined Peeper, I’ve got to hand it to the creators, cast, and crew for sticking it out because the LOST fan community, or at least the very vocal minority of it, can be out and out whiny little bitches. As I’ve waded through the various fan sites, message boards, and blogs that fill up a sizable corner of the Internet I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of negative posts and missives about this show… and this by the so-called fans.

Evie can’t act. Josh is fat. Foxy’s a diva. The writers are hacks. The CGI is amateur. And on and on and on, ad nauseum. Oh no, each and every mystery is not going to be handed to us giftwrapped, all tied up with a nice little bow!!! Whatever will we do?

If you read my review of “What Kate Did” then you know I had a few issues with the episode. But you know what, it was still the best damn thing I watched all week. You know why? Because LOST makes me think. LOST fires my imagination. LOST is not defined by a misstep here or a dropped ball there. Taken as a whole, the story is epic in scope and by the very nature of the medium there are going to be miscues and inconsistencies on occasion. If you try hard enough you can nitpick anything to death…

The thing to remember is that this show is groundbreaking and has worked to elevate the genre by being fresh and compelling and the very best that we can hope for from the small screen, especially when one considers the hundreds of hours that encompass the whole of LOST.

LOST is brilliant and innovative and any true fan should be able to be forgiving of a few minor discrepancies… and a true fan sure as hell wouldn’t be so mean-spirited and dismissive of the creative team behind the show by resorting to playground name calling.

That doesn’t mean that the LOST team, et al get a free pass. I’m all for giving a fair and balanced critique of the work. I’ll be the first one to call ’em like I see ’em. But what does get my knickers in a twist is knee-jerk reactions and juvenile temper tantrums.

As Damon Lindelof so eloquently put it, “PLEASE WATCH NCIS: LOS ANGELES. I promise not to hold it against you.

The cast, crew, and creative brain trust have earned my faith in them to bring it on home. It may not be what I’ve imagined it to be, but it will be the story that they’ve wanted to tell. I’m here for the ride, wherever that may lead.

Now, why don’t we take a look at just why this show kicks ass. Here’s a sneak peek from next Tuesday’s episode, “The Substitute”.


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