LOST in Translation: With this ring…

Season 6 Episode 3
What Kate Does

written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

“It’s so comforting to know that with only 15 episodes left in the series,
Lost can still turn out an episode where NOTHING HAPPENS.”

~Joshua Gates, Destination: Truth

“For those of you complaining of “filler.” Seriously.
I promise not to hold it against you.

~Damon Lindelof, LOST Executive Producer

My wife turned to me last night and said during a commercial break, about halfway into the episode, that she was more interested in what was going on off Island in the flash-sideways than she was in what was going on at the Temple. I replied that the Temple scenes felt padded, and I’ll stand by that assessment. Was there eventually a payoff in the end? Oh yes, but we sure as hell could have got there in half the time.

Kate and Claire’s baby adventure was an interesting diversion, showing us how even in this elseworld reality that all the major beats were there. These scenes were well played and fast paced, and seeing Dr. Ethan Goodspeed was an interesting twist. I’ve got no idea where they’re going with any of this, but I’m sucked in and willing to ride it out.

The highlight of the evening for me, however, was every second that Josh Holloway was on screen. Tortured… haunted… Holloway has really grown as an actor over the course of the series. Sawyer is a man who has reached his breaking point. Watching a newly resurrected Sayid was much more than the last straw for him. For Sawyer, the injustice of a child shooting Iraqi torturer being granted new life while his beloved lay buried in a shallow grave was just too much. In that moment you could see that he was done with the whole lot of them.

Escaping the Temple, he returns to New Otherton to rescue an engagement ring he’d planned to give to Juliet. And of course, along comes Kate to annoy the shit out of him and us.

The scene on the Otherton Dock was heartbreaking. Sawyer’s guilt over Juliet’s death was masterfully played and I was thrilled to see Kate taken down a peg. I was worried that the writers might fumble this part of the story, that they might dismiss Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship and send him into Kate’s arms for solace, but they hit a proverbial home run. And Josh Holloway sold every painful and poignant moment of it.

And that leads us to what was the weakest part of the night’s teleplay… Zombie Sayid. And yes, it was the writing that was torturous here, because the acting was superb. They just had too little to work with, being asked to tread water for far too long. It was like reliving the worst moments of seasons two and three all over again… Yes, in the end, there was revelation. I just can’t help but think there was a better way of getting there.

Let’s see if I captured the essence of it… dead bodies on the Island are fair game for Smokey to “claim” and use for his own purposes. These bodies are “infected” and once that “infection” spreads to the heart then it’s all over but the crying.


It shows why the Others were so concerned with retrieving their fallen comrades from the Dharma Initiative. It also explains their ritual burning of the dead. We can’t have Smokey building a zombie army now can we?

And Sayid’s been claimed… and so has Claire. Dunh dunh dunh.

Speaking of Claire, poor Jin’s met up with the Rousseau-channeling bombshell from Down Under… with his leg in a bear trap and staring down the barrel of her M-1 rifle. Ol’ boy just can’t catch a break.

Look, it wasn’t the greatest of episodes, but it progressed the story and it had some thunderous moments that moved me (Thanks Josh and Evie). Hard to ask for much more than that. Of course all that being said, next week’s promo has whet my appetite for even more revelations to come…


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5 Responses to “LOST in Translation: With this ring…”

  1. If it’s Wednesday then I’m at Bob’s place.

  2. Dogen said Jack’s sister, then we see Claire…but was he refering to Claire, or does Jack have another sister? Does Jacob’s list refer to someone else?

    I read an interesting concept: The pill maybe poison, but was it meant to kill Sayid, or the “darkness” inside of him? Dogen was all set to shoot the whole group, but now they need one to “die” and opted for poison? Or if they truly were talking about Claire, why was she allowed to run around there infected? Worst of all, Ben has appeared for years to have “changed” because of the spring, back when the water still healed people overall on the island, and no Others have tried to kill him…unless that’s what Widmore was trying, but we saw later that neither him nor Ben were allowed to harm each other directly.

    And was it a boo-boo on the show’s part that her sonogram’s date was a month after the original crash? Or are we to believe that the flight was a month late in the side-universe? I ask, because when they are on the island in the original timeline, you can hear the plane fly over faintly…

    • Too late in the game to add a sister if you ask me. Dogen was surely referring to Claire.

      Ben was healed by the clear fountain, while Sayid was placed in the corrupted pool. Notice that Dogen was unhealed by its magical properties. I think therein lies the difference between Ben and Sayid’s dips.

      Could it be that a doppleganger can only be killed by someone they trust? Rousseau didn’t seem to have a problem killing her crew with bullets when they were infected…

      As to the date on the sonogram, my wife says that is usually the due date, not the actual date that is shown.

  3. […] you read my review of “What Kate Did” then you know I had a few issues with the episode. But you know what, it was still the best damn […]

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