LOST in Translation: What she did and what she does

Tonight on LOST

“What Kate Does”

In Season 2 of LOST we learned “What Kate Did” and I suspect that the title of tonight’s episode, “What Kate Does”, is meant to invoke a response in long term followers of the show.

We know that what Kate did was kill her abusive father.

We know that what Kate does is run. From anything and everything. It has been her modus operandi from day one. That much will not have changed I’m sure.

What I expect from the flash-sideways Kate however is a shift in her personality. The Kate we know is haunted by her past. She runs from it. She’s remorseful and desperate for redemption, but feeling undeserving, keeps everyone at bay and hides from the truth of it.

New Kate, I suspect, will be a thrill-seeking, devil-may-care, honest-to-goodness fugitive. She’s a criminal through and through and loving every minute of it.

Old Kate on the Island however, is trying to set things right. A failure as a mother-figure, Kate’s desperate to find Claire and reunite Mother and Child (There’s that Mother and Child Reunion motif again). But now she has Sawyer to contend with… His heartbreak at the loss of Juliet will have far reaching consequences, I think. Not only for him, but for Kate as well.

Watch for a dark horse tonight… an important element of the season 2 episode.  Other important elements were her mother’s betrayal and her father’s rejection, her tormented kiss with Jack, and her playing mother hen to Sawyer (at least until she freaks out and believes the man she murdered is possessing our favorite rogue)… What Kate Did also gave us Michael conversing with Walt via the computer, Eko sharing with Locke a Dharma strip that warns of doing just that, and of course there was the funeral of Anna Lucia. I wonder how many of those elements will be mirrored in tonight’s viewing.

One last thing before I go…

What about Sayid? Out with the old, in with the new. With Sayid’s resurrection ala Ben Linus in Season 5 what are we to think of this? It was said that Ben would be forevermore different, that he’d be changed and one of “them” now. Is the same true for Sayid, or will the brackish water’s mojo operate differently than the crystal clear waters did on the Harry Potter clone?

Lots to ponder… Return here tomorrow for my thoughts on “What Kate Does” and where I think we’re headed in episodes to come.


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