LOST in Translation: It’s Groundhog Day

“The impossible is possible tonight.” ~Smashing Pumpkins

And the first note in this season’s swan song begins tonight. The anticipation is maddening. For a show with so much mythology and overt themes involving science fiction, fantasy, and even horror, the real crux of the show has always been about the characters.

If you were to ask me what my favorite scene from the previous five seasons was, it would be the moment shared between Sawyer and Juliet just before her tumbling into that great dark pit at the end of last season. It chokes me up every time I think about it, let alone see it again.

That’s what makes LOST work. Yes, the intricate plot and storytelling devices are epic in scope, played against the backdrop of myth and legend, but at the heart of the show are these character defining moments…

There are many revelations ahead, but for the endgame to ultimately succeed it must do so by keeping these characters front and center. The writers and producers have a good track record thus far and so I have every ounce of faith that they will continue to deliver the same quality to the end that they gave to its beginning.

Charlie once asked, “Guys, where are we?”

Tonight that answer will begin to become unraveled.

“There’s no secret back door embedded in there,” Carlton Cuse said. “The story of Lost that we’ve been telling these past six seasons is coming to a close this May.”


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