LOST in Translation: LA X Revealed


All of these questions were answered “YES”


Highlight these spoilers at your own risk.
– do Jack and Sawyer have another fistfight and/or shouting match in the aftermath of the bomb?
– Do we get to see the smoke monster in the premiere ?
– Will we see Jacob in the premiere?
– Will we see the ‘real’ John Locke alive and well?
– Do Kate and Sawyer interact/talk to each other at all?
– Will there be an appearance by someone or something that will shock any avid, spoiler consuming Lost fan?
– Will Desmond be in the premier?
– Will there be a surprising twist in the episode or a “jump the shark” moment made by the producers?
– does the smoke-monster kill or “judge” anyone?
– Will we get further insight into Jacob/MIB, (Other than the spoilers about MIB = Monster and wanting to go home) and/or the workings of their relationship?
– Will Richard appear in the premiere?
– do Jack/kate talk /have a meaningful scene for them in the premiere on island?
– Will Juliet’s story come to a conclusion in the premiere??
– Is Flocke seen as an impostor by the people outside the statue?
– Does Hurley talk to more dead people?
– Will we see alive Juliet in the premiere?
– Does Bram die in the premiere?
– Do we see some tail section losties in the premiere, e.g. Cindy, Zach, Emma? I mean on the island, not alt reality!
– Do we get some new information about the smoke monster?
– Since the people outside the foot know it’s Flocke, is there an altercation when he emerges?
– after 815 landed in the ALT, will Sawyer be somehow involved in Kates’ escape from the marshall?
– Do we find out why Jacob gave Hurley the Ankh in the premiere?
– Is Ben remorseful in the premiere for his act of ”killing” Jacob??
– Does Charlie have a significant role in the premiere?
– Does the 77 losties end up being killed/abducted/judged by someone/entity in the 1977 timeline ?
– Is Jacob dead for good?
– Does the first scene of L AX take place in a time period other than 1977 or 2007?
– Is it revealed that Smokey is MIB in the premiere?
– Does Flocke/Smoke Monster kill Bram?
– Were you, as a LOST fan, more confused than ever by the end of the premiere?
– Is there any talk or hint of Jacob coming back to life in some form or another?
– Does Sawyer kiss Juliet goodbye?
– Does Sawyer kiss Juliet on the lips?

– Was it awesome?

– Is the opening sequence/teaser on board flight 815?

– Does Sun have a significant role during the Premiere?


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