It’s a Kind of Magick

That Olde Black Magick is almost upon us. Now’s your chance to get a little something extra with your preorder. First you need to drop Rich and Scott an email at to reserve a copy.

Remember, you’ll not be billed until the item ships and all preorders come with a snazzy little bookplate signed by your friendly neighborhood occult detective.

Then, 3 lucky individuals will receive an added bonus to their order… One will receive a copy of FRESH BLOOD (a Burning Effigy anthology chapbook featuring stories by myself, Kelli Dunlap, and David Alexander), another will be sent a limited edition Penny Dreadful chapbook of my story The Cabin in the Woods, and finally, one lucky recepient will be able to snag a copy of STRONGER THAN DEATH, by Steven Shrewsbury (cover art by yours truly)…

Best of luck and Alba gu brath.


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