Skull Full of Kisses by Michael West

Skull Full of Kisses by Michael West

SKULL FULL OF KISSES, a new collection by Michael West (and sporting a cover by yours truly), is now available for preorder from Graveside Tales.

Let’s take a look at what Michael has to offer…


Turn the page and enter a world of shadow, as Michael West brings together his most disturbing short stories–twisted tales of forbidden desires and ghoulish deeds, where nightmares manifest in the most mundane and unlikely of places…

The basement of a Japanese restaurant, where a seductive creature promises comfort to a lonely hitman, if only he will set her free…

A ruined city, where survivors of a natural disaster have become prey to something unnatural…

An Indiana farmhouse, where a frightened child attempts
to fool the Angel of Death…

And the darkest regions of space, where a man fights to
protect the woman he loves from invaders only he can see…

Ten reasons to lock your doors.
Ten reasons to keep the lights on.
Ten reasons why you may never sleep again.

Price: $12.95

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