Magick’s in the Air, Part Deux

Yesterday I teased you with the Table of Contents for my forthcoming collection: That Olde Black Magick, which is, as noted, currently available for preorder and set to be shipped quite soon from Bandersnatch Books.  So today I thought I might tease you a bit more by providing the first line of each entry in the collection…

Bob Freeman’s Magick: Someone asked me why I often spell magick with a ‘k’ attached.

The Devil’s in the Details: The sun was sinking low on the horizon and looking like a bloated corpse in a sea of blood.

Ashes to Ashes: Ingrid van Heflin slid wearily from the limousine and gazed up at the remarkable estate that stood perched atop Old Stone Hill.

The Cabin in the Woods: Kneeling before the altar, I was aware of being watched.

The Hour of the Wolf: Barry Silva was about as cool as they came, or so John and Travis Coulter thought.

A Murder of Crows: The dark figure knelt on the basement floor within a magically inflamed circle inscribed in the blood of the two corpses that lay waiting for the ritual to begin.

The Gathering of Shadows: Blue-white smoke from the near spent cowboy killer rose serpentine on the cold night air.

Queen’s Gambit: Father Rainey stared into the pernicious night and not for the first time questioned his faith.

The Soul Cages: The sun was gone, as was its natural discourse, having sunk beneath the horizon of the pine trees and low hills that stretched across Wabash County.

Samhain: A trail through the damp grass of the cemetery led toward the old oak that loomed over the east corner of the boneyard.

Fornicating Madness: Upon a still sea I conspire to murder

That Olde Black Magick is an Occult Detective Collection in the tradition of such classic works by Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard, and Dennis Wheatley, with a bit of Katherine Kurtz thrown in for good measure. As I’ve discussed frequently on this site, it is a genre that I have been drawn to since childhood and I have attempted to create a cast of characters that can stand alongside the likes of John Silence, Adam Sincalir, and John Taylor, among a whole host of other notable occult detectives that have thrilled me and others over the years. That Olde Black Magick gives you a chance to peek behind the curtain, to gaze into the abyss of preternatural nightmares, and maybe… just maybe… you’ll look at the world a little bit differently when all is said and done.

2 Responses to “Magick’s in the Air, Part Deux”

  1. SUCH a tease ;-P

    Put my order in yesterday, and for the first time in a long time, I’m really looking forward to the mail!

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