Magick’s in the Air

That Olde Black Magick, currently available for preorder, will be shipping soon from Bandersnatch Books, so I thought I might tease you a bit with the Table of Contents…

Bob Freeman’s Magick
an Introduction by Steven L. Shrewsbury

The Devil’s in the Details

Ashes to Ashes

The Cabin in the Woods

The Hour of the Wolf

A Murder of Crows

The Gathering of Shadows

An Excerpt from DESCENDANT
Queen’s Gambit

The Soul Cages


Fornicating Madness: A Poem


That Olde Black Magick is an expression of my heartfelt love for the Occult Detective genre and is a roadmap of the treacherous paranormal landscape through which my writing now carries me. These are the tales of the Liber Monstrorum, of multiverses filled with complex preternatural intelligences and their interactions with mortal man, of heroes and villains, gods and demons, and of those who light a candle in the dark… Venturing into these realms requires a sturdy heart and a faith born of trial and error. These stories have been a thrill to write and I trust that they will in turn thrill you as well…

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  1. sweet! blog….love it!!!!!!!

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