LOST in Translation: I am a free man

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Well now I just don’t know what to think.

I had a theory, but now it’s been blown out of the water before I even had a chance to share it. This latest spoiler reveal has further muddied the waters. The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 are an intricate part of the game being played by Jacob and his Nemesis, the Man in Black. With Locke being crossed off the list discovered by Sawyer we can assume that it is because he is dead. This list, presumably “Jacob’s List”, is filled with names, each assigned a number. Many names, according to the spoiler, are crossed out. This must be a list of all the pawns in play. The spoiler also pointed out that Kate was on the list (as Austen), but that her number was not one of the “cursed” ones.

So, is this list a complete accounting of everyone on the flight?

Will it be revealed that there are others on the list, such as Richard Alpert, the crew and slaves from the Black Rock, the survivors of “The Little Prince”, et al?

Are the “cursed” numbers a coincidence, or perhaps some kind of synchronicity, or do they reveal something specific?

Is this indeed “Jacob’s List”, or something else altogether? I would now be leaning toward “something else” or else there will need to be an accounting for the misdirection of various statements made throughout the show, such as Picketts’ claim that Jack Sheppard wasn’t on it.

Lots to think about… I’m not quite back to square one, but this latest puzzle piece has me reevaluating everything that’s come before.


One Response to “LOST in Translation: I am a free man”

  1. All this twisting and turning inside my head has caused much pain. I think I’ll grab a hand full of pain killers! ! ! !

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