It’s almost here…

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Bandersnatch’s Rich Ristow holds That Olde Black Magick in his hands and soon it will be in mine and in yours as well, provided of course that you drop Rich and Scott an email at to reserve a copy.

Remember, you’ll not be billed until the item ships and all preorders come with a snazzy little bookplate signed by your friendly neighborhood occult detective.

ADDENDUM (1/15/10): Three random people will receive an added bonus to their order… One will receive a copy of FRESH BLOOD (a Burning Effigy anthology chapbook featuring stories by myself, Kelli Dunlap, and David Alexander), another will be sent a limited edition Penny Dreadful chapbook of my story The Cabin in the Woods, and finally, one lucky recepient will be able to snag a copy of STRONGER THAN DEATH, by Steven Shrewsbury (cover art by yours truly)…

Best of luck and Alba gu brath.


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  1. […] in the Air That Olde Black Magick, currently available for preorder, will be shipping soon from Bandersnatch Books, so I thought I might tease you a bit with the Table […]

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