LOST in Translation: Lost Supper

The Lost Supper

Notable for their positions are John Locke as Christ, Sawyer as Peter (the Rock), Kate as John (or Mary Magdalene), and Sayid as Judas… Do the placement of the actors mean anything for us as we march toward Season 6? Probably not, other than Locke’s central position. He is the heart of the show I think. That much should bear fruit. The rest… well we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll post a better scan as soon as one’s available.

Now, as we bide our time waiting for the feast, here’s some spoilery goodness (for a change) to chew on from Kristen at E!Online:

According to sources, all of these things will be said in the first six hours of Lost’s new season (starting Feb. 2), and they are pivotal to the plot:

“Am I alive?”
“It turned out she did not want out.”
“I wanted you to be able to go home.”
“I was killed by an *** ******.”
“I was supposed to die.”

Who says what? And why?

I’ll give you a clue. The first one is not a female, and is the same person as #5.

My thoughts:

— I suspect that #1 and #5 refers to Sayid, though there are several members of the cast that this could refer to, such as Locke, Charlie, or even Jacob.  Still, my money is on our favorite Iraqi.

— ” *** ****** ” in clue #4 is most likely ” old friend “. Jacob speaking, referring to MIB perhaps?

— Clue #2 could be Christian referencing Claire.

— Clue #3 might be Charlie talking to Claire which would be a heartbreaking and poignant scene, especially for all the fans of Drive Shaft’s starcrossed bass player out there.

32 days till LOST begins anew.

I’m hungry. How about you?


2 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Lost Supper”

  1. You said you would post a better scan once you had one, well… here they are:

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