LOST in Translation: Nothing’s Forever

Tyler Stout’s poster was revealed last night at Gallery 88.

Time to pore over this for clues…


7 Responses to “LOST in Translation: Nothing’s Forever”

  1. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Hmm after a good nights sleep I have come to the conclusion that it id Anubis leading the dead to the underworld – the ears are actually the clue which the Dharma holds
    Bon chance !

  2. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    hehe I have Lost myself
    Hehe I have lost my self on various comment pages
    Crashed spaceship
    .. more than likely ?

    • That seems to be the most logical explanation, though shoveling in a bit of Atlantean Myth along with it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Huge laughter – i have just been writing on another forum and quite spontaneously wrote Lost in translation… shall I leave everyone to puzzle that one out ?

  4. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    which end IS up ? :)
    The answer that has been lost… was there ever an answer or explanation anyway – make of it what you will save that ye harm none comes to mind haha
    This is what we all do with the mystery of life.. put our own opinion on it – it is this and it is that and often those opinions oppose and create friction . By thinking it is this and that we can make it this and that…
    If they give Lost a definitive answer and come to a definite conclusion I will be surprised :)

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