LOST in Translation: Today’s Ruminations

What is the Island?

It’s a fair question and strikes at the very heart of the show. Darlton have insinuated that this is a mystery that will not be revealed, but we would not be the obsessive fans we are if we didn’t ponder this — Lost’s greatest mystery.

To be honest, there has always been a part of me — deeply buried in the bleakest corner of the attic of my mind — that feared (yes, I said it) that the reveal would be that the Island was an alien spacecraft — trapped earthbound for centuries — with arcane science made available to those who call it their home. The source of the medical miracles and troubling phantasm, the Island as spacecraft answers so many troubling questions. Magic is, after all, merely science yet discovered to the uninitiated.

In the end, I don’t think Darlton will play this card. No, I think they realize that, like me, a more mystical explanation is more satisfying — more fulfilling — and ultimately more resonating. Lost speaks to the soul… to that part of us longing to stare into the abyss and come away with knowledge of the divine.

So, to the Island, with its menagerie of magical and religious iconic symbolism, I ascribe the belief that it is a waystation of mythical ideals… an embodiment of “The Garden of Eden” if you will.

There is someone behind the curtain, but that someone is neither Jacob nor the Man in Black. That someone is yet to be revealed, and it will be central to season six.

Jacob and the Man in Black?

”We read in Plato that daemons are assigned to men at the moment of their birth, that thenceforward they accompany men through life, and that after death they conduct their souls to Hades.”Myth Index (referencing Plato, Phaedr. p. 107)

Light and Dark. Good and Evil. The Preserver and the Destroyer. The Castaways are the Chess Pieces. The Island is the Chess Board. Jacob and the Man in Black are the Gamesmen of Lost… two players… one white — one black.. Each have their philosphies. Law vs Chaos. Freewill vs Destiny. One is the Shepherd, the other the Wolf.


5th Season, Episode 4. Remember it? The Little Prince? So many juicy revelations. We saw a young Danielle and her French Compatriots reach the Island after rescuing the time-challenged Jin Kwon… and of course, Locke and Sawyer have their own moments, witnessing Locke’s crisis of faith and the birth of Aaron… But the real kicker came in an anagram on the side of the truck used to transport Locke’s dead body.



Foreshadowing of Season 6 I surmise. Our Castaways are on an epic journey, one that they have been on for a very long time and not just in one life, but in many. Alternate realities, time-traveling, and yes, through reincarnation, these Chess Pieces have been manuevered in the ultimate game.

With Season 6 we will at last have the answers, and those answers all point to the unseen hand of the Man Behind the Curtain. The Brahma to Jacob the Preserver and MIB the Destroyer.

Where and how will it all end?


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  1. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    re Incarnation
    See > Cairn


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