LOST in Translation: The Temple Set

Here Be Spoilers and Speculations

A series of pictures showed up online last night with revealing images of the mysterious Temple… One in particular, reproduced below, seemingly shows us the Hindu Trimurti — a three-headed symbolization of the godhead.

These deities — Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — represent the forces of creation, maintenance, and destruction.

If Jacob assumes the role of Vishnu (maintenance) and the Man-in-Black that of Shiva (destruction), then that leaves us to ponder the identity of the Creator… unless, I have it wrong. Could Jacob be Brahma to the Man in Black’s Shiva, with the ultimate reveal of John Locke being the island’s preserver? Or does that role fall to Jack, or someone yet to be unveiled?

Season Six, already painfully compelling, has taken yet another interesting turn.


20 Responses to “LOST in Translation: The Temple Set”

  1. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    A. U .M
    M A U I

    • cairnwood Says:

      I AM.
      I AM I.
      I AM EYE.
      EYE AM EYE.
      AYE AM EYE
      AYE AM AYE.
      EYE AM AYE.
      EYE AM EYE.
      EYE AM I.
      I AM I.
      AM I.

  2. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    LOL I AM U

    don’t know the series ( maybe watched a couple of them ) but i see its got the bagua..
    But the creator is Phanes ( Vanessa ? ) Eros ( desire creates the world – Buddhism ) – and Protogonos then we have ERICAPAEUS


  3. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Oh have just read this
    LOL I really should watch more TV hehe
    The swan yes is SOHAM I AM
    and a state of consciousness

  4. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    * Ericapaeus is power
    Phanes is light ( makes things appear – dark matter as well ? )
    The galactic butterfly of 2012 I suppose ?

  5. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    MAU is a cat – an Egyptian cat RA is a CAT apparently and the cat eye

  6. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    back to this name again – we have been here before !!

  7. Kay P Hankinson Says:


    Note aiwa(z)
    MONARCH ( butterfly ) absolute ruler > archos archon
    angel / soul

  8. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    You have involvement in this series – some scientists too – I think we spoke of this some time back ?

    • cairnwood Says:

      An obsession, I fear… some friends within the staff and even more on the fringes… I would have loved to have been a part of this on the creative end, though I must admit that it’s been immense fun on this side of the fence. Sad to see it go, but happily approaching the endgame.

  9. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Notably the swan logo ( food ) in the hadron collider

  10. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    You might find that some of the numbers: 4 8 15 16 32 42 might be trigrams
    4 8 42
    is a trigram : 24 the turning point
    or 48 – the well
    But i am just a – musing myself !!

  11. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108
    108 minutes
    push the button every 108 minutes

    ( up to 256 )

    64+32+8 + 4
    11 o sun 11
    seems to point to the galactic butterfly time ?
    still playing around with the idea

    108 / 72 angles of the pentagram / pentagon
    plane crash.

    12 * 60mins ( half day ) = 720
    720/ 108 = 6.66666666666666
    the beast

  12. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Going back in time to fix the disaster

  13. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Tsunami said to be the great ocean of wisdom
    Dalai Lama Ocean Teacher / Ocean of wisdom
    the flood of teachings
    Plane – Garuda bird / man Men in plane as a flying bird

    Perseus the Hero / savior
    The names Mirfak and Algenib are Arabic in origin. The former, meaning ‘Elbow’ and also written Mirphak, Marfak or Mirzac, comes from the Arabic Mirfaq al-Thurayya, while Algenib, also spelt Algeneb, Elgenab, Gęnib, Chenib or Alchemb, is derived from الجنب al-janb, or الجانب al-jānib, ‘the flank’ or ‘side’.[2] Gamma Pegasi also bears the name Algenib.
    It forms part of Tien Yuen, the Heavenly Enclosure, in traditional Chinese astronomy.[2]
    Hinali’i is the name of the star in Native Hawaiian astronomy. The name of the star is meant to commemorate a great tsunami and mark the beginning of the migration of Maui. According to some Hawaiian folklore, Hinali’i is the point of separation between the earth and the sky that happened during the creation of the Milky Way.[3]
    The star Hinali’i first rises in the east in the month of August and follows the path of another star, probably α, β and γ Cassiopeiae.

  14. Kay P Hankinson Says:

    Garuda carries Vishnu on its back

  15. Kay P Hankinson Says:


    * the blog tells me that i have already submitted this but i can’t see it so submitting it again

    • cairnwood Says:

      “To whatever the outcome of these latest CERN experiments will lead our World, it remains to be seen if these scientists can really play God without having the full instruction manual available to them.”

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