Huge LOST spoiler


Really, you should probably not read this unless you want to be smacked in the face with an enormous spoiler for the final season of LOST.

I’m not kidding.

Turn back now…

Still here? Okay. Let’s do this…

LOST has certainly taken on a different air as more revelations about the Island’s mythology has come to the fore. With the addition of Jacob and the Man in Black into the mix, the overall feel of the series has shifted, aligning itself with a particular book that I am quite fond of. As Team Darlton have name dropped this book I don’t think it’s too much a stretch to see that Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has been a huge influence on the overall direction of the series.

So what’s this huge spoiler that I’m being so coy about revealing?

Jacob has a child.

If I were writing this, who would assume the role of Shadow to Jacob’s Odin? If I had my druthers the child would be revealed to be none other than John Locke. His mother did claim he was immaculately conceived after all. And just as Locke conned Sawyer into killing the Man from Tallahasee, so too did Flocke con Ben into killing Jacob. It’s symmetry.

I doubt the writers will go down this road however, despite an elegant opportunity to connect some important dots and blow a lot of minds…

I see two viable alternatives, with the easy money being laid down on Richard Alpert. He’s got the god-like mojo working. As a dark horse, I could see Illana getting the nod. We don’t know much about her, and there is an obvious connection there.

I guess we’ll find out sometime next year.

For now, let the specualtion run rampant.

Who is Jacob's child?

Who is Jacob's child?


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